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 Tandoori Fish Fry  – Testimonials Megan( RAS Feedback) –  I tried this recipe and now I make it almost every Sunday.. My family loves it. Thank you. Sorry the pic is not so clear. 2.Ali Hasan (Facebook) – Thanks, came out Magnifique! Family loved it. By the time I took the pic all the fish disappeared. […]


Singapore Fried Carrot Cake – Testimonials Lynica Darnell (Youtube) – Very good recipe. Tried and love it!  Thank you.

Singapore Fried Carrot Cake

Thai Pandan Chicken – Testimonials Rebecca (Youtube) – I did it today, luckily I keep your website and watch it and follow the way you wrap the chicken. My Pandan chicken is so yummy and aroma when deep frying. I deep fried 1/2 way then Air baked them to remove any excess  oil. Thank you for […]


Best Home made Chicken Burger – Testimonials Kristine  (Youtube) – Thank you so much for this recipe. I made this and it was great. My guest told me it’s amazing. The best chicken burger.

Best Home made Chicken Burger

Chicken Tikka Sandwich Baguette – Testimonials Brandon (GPlus) – If I start my own business, this will be the recipe I use! I will have to pay the nice lady a good royalty. Absolutely delicious!

Chicken Tikka Sandwich Baguette

Pepper Chicken Chettinad – Testimonials Retime Chander (FB) – hi tried ur recipe garlic pepper chicken chettinad with some changes as i wanted a more spicy garlicy flavour . have shared it on my page with due credit  picture:

Pepper Chicken Chettinad Pepper chicken chettinad - testimonial

Chicken Malai Tikka Kebabs – Testimonials Laila (RAS feedback) – Hi Shana. I tried your Malai Tikka recipe. Whole fam loved it. Its mouth watering delicious! Thanks to you and recipes r simple:) I am sending a picture.

Chicken Malai Tikka Kebabs malai tika kebab testimonials

Idli Manchurian– Testimonials Guru Dutt (GPlus)- t’s 1st time I made Idli Manchurian and huya.. Super awesome tasty… Thanks to my dearest frnd +Shana Shameer and her Recipe of Idli Manchurian -South Indian Chinese Makeover. I super enjoyed making it as i love to shake the pan by my hand.. toss the stuffs of pan lol… Not got the red chilli […]

Idli Manchurian idli manchurian testimonial

Mutton Mandi Rice – Testimonials Niloofa Moulal Karamath (Gplus) I am sure all getting ready to enjoy the festive season! I am here today with my few of tried and tested dishes from my dearest foodie friend. Every one of you are a great foodie.I had great time cooking your’ll recipes and my family really enjoyed […]

Mutton Mandi Rice mutton mandi rice testimonial

Prawns Biryani – Testimonials Niloofa Moulal Karamath (Gplus) I had great time cooking your’ll recipes and my family really enjoyed each every dish what was cooked.

Prawns Biryani prawns biryani testimonial

                Hot and Sweet Thai Meatballs – Testimonials Raj B  (GPlus)    – Tried this today.. yum !!

Hot and Sweet Thai Meatballs

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies  -Testimonials Zara (RAS Feedback) – I made these twice! Once with chocolate chips and once for my class  contest, without the chocolate, since chocolate was not allowed.. My cookies were among the ones selected!! Thank you for the recipe

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies oatmeal chocochip cookies TESTIMONIAL

Fried Okra in Yoghurt Coconut Curry| Vendakka Moru Curry – Testimonials Azlin ( GPlus) –  (excerpt)….I love it so much that I’ve already made it twice, once with a curry, the second time with dal. It adds a lovely slant to the meal, with its yoghurt and coconut milk combination. A seamless, mild blend of spices, yoghurt […]

Fried Okra in Yoghurt Coconut Curry| Vendakka Moru Curry Fried Okra in Yoghurt Coconut Curry| Vendakka Moru Curry Testimonial

Rice Crepes (Kaima Pathiri) – Testimonials Randy Resnick – GPlus I tried this recipe twice, once with rice flour and once with basmati rice soaked overnight. Results were both good, but different. Although I didn’t add sugar or salt, we had some of these for breakfast with a few drops of lemon juice and then a […]

Rice Crepes (Kaima Pathiri)

Malabar Mutton Biryani – Testimonials Srijith B (YoutubeMalayalam) I have tried this just now and came out so so well. Thanks a lot. You have a very bright future in this field. Anyways thanks for this recipe. Waiting for more…

Malabar Mutton Biryani malabar mutton biryani TESTIMONIAL

Kozhi Pidi – Testimonials Sapna (Whatsapp)  – Yesterday was Adil’s Birthday. Made choose pedi as per your recipe. Took a long time to roll the dumplings but was very good according to those who are. You are my savior on many occasions!

Kozhi Pidi | Kerala Style Curried Chicken and Dumplings

Erachi Choru | Kerala Meat and Rice Srijith B (YoutubeMalayalam) I have tried your erachichoru recipe and it turned out so nice. Thank you.

Erachi Choru | Kerala Meat and Rice ERACHI CHORU TESTIMONIALS

Thalassery Biriyani – Chicken Dum Biryani – Testimonials Vineetha Vadakkath (Youtube Malayalam) Njan ee weekend try cheythu, adipoli ayirunnu…Enikku nattil poya oru pratheethi…Thank you for this recipe! Here is the picture :)Please feel free to use it, that is the least I can do for you for sharing this amazing recipe! 🙂   2. Febeena Bava (Youtube […]

Thalassery Biriyani – Chicken Dum Biryani (2) thalassery chicken biryani TESTIMONIALjpg

Nadan Chicken Curry – Testimonials Vineetha V (Malayalam Youtube) – Hello dear, I tried this recipe also. Came out so good (only thing missing was thing, couldn’t get it here, but instead I added a little coconut oil on top of the curry leaves)!! Everyone loved it! We had it with Ari Pathiri. Please keep posting such […]

Nadan Chicken Curry Testimonials nadan chicken curry testimonials

Smoky Fish Tikkas – Testimonials Niloofa K (Gplus) – I was attracted to the fish kebab somuch when you posted it. The masala and marination👌👌 I loved making it. Inshaa Allah I have to make it again with big chunks of fish.😊😊 Hugs  

Smoky Fish Tikka fish tikka testimonialS

Kerala Chicken Fry – Testimonials Nazia (GPlus) – I tried the fried chicken and it was very delicious and simple also.    


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