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Tandoori Fish Fry (2)
Thai Pandan Chicken (2)
Homemade Chicken Burger (2)
Chicken Tikka Sandwich Baguette

Pepper Chicken Chettinad
Chicken Malai Tikka Kebabs
Idli Manchurian
Mutton Mandi Rice (2)

Hot and Sweet Thai Chicken Meatballs
Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies
Vendakka Moru Curry (Fried Okra in Yoghurt-Coconut Curry
Rice Crepes (Malabar)
Malabar Mutton Biriyani
Kozhi Pidi ( Malabar Chicken and Dumplings)
Erachi Choru ( Kerala Meat N Rice)
Thalassery Chicken Dum Biriyani (11)
Nadan Chicken Curry (Kerala)(2)
Smoky Fish Tikka
Kerala Chicken Fry (2)
Nadan Beef Curry
Malabar Fish Biriyani (2)
Date and Nut Cake
Mushroom Meltz Sandwich
Chicken Kabsa (2)
Tomato Curry with Coconut Milk
Thalassery Beef Biriyani (4)
Thenga Aracha Meen Curry ( Kerala Fish Curry with Ground coconut paste)
Salted Egg Yolk Chicken  (Singapore)
Mutton Curry with Potato





 Tandoori Fish Fry – Testimonials(2)

1.Megan( RAS Feedback) –  I tried this recipe and now I make it almost every Sunday.. My family loves it. Thank you. Sorry the pic is not so clear.


2.Ali Hasan (Facebook) – Thanks, came out Magnifique! Family loved it. By the time I took the pic all the fish disappeared. Next time. I added steamed veggies and roasted asparagus.



Thai Pandan Chicken – Testimonials(2)

  1. Rebecca (Youtube) – I did it today, luckily I keep your website and watch it and follow the way you wrap the chicken. My Pandan chicken is so yummy and aroma when deep frying. I deep fried 1/2 way then Air baked them to remove any excess  oil. Thank you for sharing you recipe and the way to wrap the chicken.
    Thank you for the sharing how to wrap the  Pandan chicken and the recipe given.
    I love Fennel seeds, so I added some in while marinating the chicken.
    We all enjoyed your recipe and I wrapped it but need to improve the next time. Much appreciated for posting this yummy recipe.
     I fried them until the meat is cooked, then moved them to the Air Fryer to bake, so that most of the oil will removed from the Pandan Chicken, more healthier. If not deep fried, the Pandan chicken will not be yummy .
    I enclosed the photos to you.
    Have a good day.
    Best regards,
    2. Ruby ( Youtube) – Thanks so much, made this yesterday and they were so yummy!


    Best Home made Chicken Burger – Testimonials

    Kristine  (Youtube) – Thank you so much for this recipe. I made this and it was great. My guest told me it’s amazing. The best chicken burger.



    Chicken Tikka Sandwich Baguette – Testimonials

    Brandon (GPlus) – If I start my own business, this will be the recipe I use! I will have to pay the nice lady a good royalty. Absolutely delicious!



    Pepper Chicken Chettinad – Testimonials

    Retime Chander (FB) – hi tried ur recipe garlic pepper chicken chettinad with some changes as i wanted a more spicy garlicy flavour . have shared it on my page with due credit 1f642 Testimonials picture:

    reshma chander fb recipe chicken chettinad 576x1024 Testimonials



    Chicken Malai Tikka Kebabs – Testimonials

    Laila (RAS feedback) – Hi Shana. I tried your Malai Tikka recipe. Whole fam loved it. Its mouth watering delicious! Thanks to you and recipes r simple:) I am sending a picture.

    malai tika kebab testimonials Testimonials




    Idli Manchurian– Testimonials

    Guru Dutt (GPlus)- t’s 1st time I made Idli Manchurian and huya.. Super awesome tasty… Thanks to my dearest frnd +Shana Shameer and her Recipe of Idli Manchurian -South Indian Chinese Makeover. I super enjoyed making it as i love to shake the pan by my hand.. toss the stuffs of pan lol… Not got the red chilli and celery.. added all colors of bell pepper.. green yellow red… It’s so super yummy… i Love it…

    Here’s you can get recipe of this awesome tangy dish on my dearest +Shana Shameer website…

    idli manchurian testimonial Testimonials




    Mutton Mandi Rice – Testimonials (2)

    1. Niloofa Moulal Karamath (Gplus)

    mutton mandi rice testimonial 300x188 TestimonialsI am sure all getting ready to enjoy the festive season!
    I am here today with my few of tried and tested dishes from my dearest foodie friend. Every one of you are a great foodie.I had great time cooking your’ll recipes and my family really enjoyed each every dish what was cooked. (My picture above).

    2. Sapna (Whatsapp)

    Saju told me your Mutton Mandi recipe is a big hit in her home.




    Prawns Biryani – Testimonials

    Niloofa Moulal Karamath (Gplus)

    prawns biryani testimonial 300x188 Testimonials

    I had great time cooking your’ll recipes and my family really enjoyed each every dish what was cooked.




                    Hot and Sweet Thai Meatballs – Testimonials

    Raj B  (GPlus)    – Tried this today.. yum !!



    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies  -Testimonials

    Zaira  (My Daughter :)) – I made these twice! Once with chocolate chips and once for my class contest, without the chocolate, since chocolate was not allowed. My cookies were among the ones selected!! Thank you for the recipe

    oatmeal chocochip cookies TESTIMONIAL Testimonials




    Fried Okra in Yoghurt Coconut Curry| Vendakka Moru Curry – Testimonials

    1. Azlin ( GPlus) –  (excerpt)….I love it so much that I’ve already made it twice, once with a curry, the second time with dal. It adds a lovely slant to the meal, with its yoghurt and coconut milk combination. A seamless, mild blend of spices, yoghurt and coconut milk.I think this is going to be a must to liven up Monday evenings when I tend to make, in my oldest’s words,  boring dal!…

    Vendakka Moru Curry Testimonials Testimonials



    Rice Crepes (Kaima Pathiri) – Testimonials

    I tried this recipe twice, once with rice flour and once with basmati rice soaked overnight. Results were both good, but different. Although I didn’t add sugar or salt, we had some of these for breakfast with a few drops of lemon juice and then a small amount of maple syrup. Fruit or honey would work too, for the sweet version, but these would be excellent, as suggested in the original by +Shana Shameer, to accompany curry.


    Malabar Mutton Biryani – Testimonials

    Srijith B (YoutubeMalayalam)

    I have tried this just now and came out so so well. Thanks a lot. You have a very bright future in this field. Anyways thanks for this recipe. Waiting for more…


    malabar mutton biryani by user 225x300 Testimonials



    Kozhi Pidi – Testimonials

    Sapna (Whatsapp)  – Yesterday was Adil’s Birthday. Made kozhi pidi as per your recipe. Took a long time to roll the dumplings but was very good according to those who ate. You are my savior on many occasions!




    Erachi Choru | Kerala Meat and Rice – Testimonials

    Srijith B (YoutubeMalayalam)

    I have tried your erachichoru recipe and it turned out so nice. Thank you.

    ERACHI CHORU TESTIMONIALS 300x225 Testimonials





    Thalassery Biriyani – Chicken Dum Biryani – Testimonials (11)

    1. Vineetha Vadakkath (Youtube Malayalam)
    Njan ee weekend try cheythu, adipoli ayirunnu…Enikku nattil poya oru pratheethi…Thank you for this recipe! Here is the picture :)Please feel free to use it, that is the least I can do for you for sharing this amazing recipe! 🙂
    thalassery chicken biriyani testimonials Testimonials
    3. Mohammed Suhail (Youtube Malayalam)
    My very first at Biryani! Thanks for the recipe and Video
    TestimonialsMohammed Suhail Chettiyam Veettil Testimonials
    4. Santhosh V(Youtube Malayalam)
    Njan undakki…testy aayirrunnu..thanks:)   I made it and it was tasty … thanks.
    Thalassery Chicken Biryani Testimonials Testimonials
    5. Shebeena Shefeek(Youtube Malayalam)
    The Thalassery Biriyani recipe is Super! Thank you! Sending a pic.
    shabshafeekthalasserry Testimonials
    6. Navya Jose (Youtube Malayalam)
    Very nice biriyani. All my family members liked it very much.
    Navya Jose

    Thalassery Biriyani Chicken Dum Biryani Testimonials navya Jose 300x245 Testimonials

    7. Shijaz Mohd (Youtube Malayalam)

    Am Shijaz from Dubai , native place is thalasseri .ithatha ingale thalasseri chicken biriyani recipe mmlonn try cheyth nokeeto kaynja Friday .(Sister, I tried it on friday) no words, fantastic feedback I got from my southern Kerala friends, so thank you so much.



    8. Manjusha Madhu (Youtube Malayalam)

    Veetil ellarkum ishtaayi…enikkum.  Everyone at home liked it… me included.

    All said it’s yummy %name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials
    And thank you so much for this simple recipe %name Testimonials%name Testimonials
     chicken dum biriyani testimonials manjusha 2 Testimonials chicken dum biriyani testimonials manjusha 1 Testimonials
    9. Deepika Krishnan(Youtube Malayalam)


       I’m deepika from Ernakulam.  I tried ur thallasery chicken biriyani recipe.  🙂 It was awesome. We are foodies  ( me and my husband). And I love cooking as well.
            Actually shahnade recipe adipoli aanu tto.  Very authentic style biriyani.  Ente amma veedu kannur aaanu, avade ninna njn biriyani fan aayathu. But enikum thallasery biriyani undakan pattum nnu vijarichittila . I was so excited after I made the biriyani.  Husband num valare ishtamaayi.. all credits to you shahna.  Thank you so much. I’m soo happy.
             Eni oru request aaanu, kuzhi manthi undakan ariyumnkl onnu upload cheyyu tto.  Ariyilnkl padichit upload cheyyu. Please..
          Here I’m attaching my biriyani and the masala while im making it.
                                      With lots of thanks,
                                        Deepika Sinoy. 🙂
    deepikakrishnan chicken bririyani 2 300x169 Testimonials
    deepikakrishnan chicken bririyani 300x169 Testimonials
    10. Abdul Sajad (Gplus/ Youtube Malayalam)
    Actully itha nja mlapurathinanu… ipo riyadhilu wrk cheyyunu..
    ente roomululla ellavarem nettichondu ente jeevidhathile aadhyathe biriyani undaki… shana ithayude reciepe.. And it was awsome…
    Pakshe vishyamadhalla…. njanithuvremvds oke nokitanuadhu try cheidhe but shanayudevdos 100 % dedicated ayicheyyuna pole thoni.. aa parayunereethiyileadhinte taste feel cheyyunu… so shanaithayude special nerituonnukayikanpatiyirunelennubhayankaraaghrahm
    Bt the intrstng part is… This was my first dish that I have ever tried in ma lif..  and it was stunning surprise for all..  haha tx anyway
    abdul copy Testimonials ABDULSAJADBIRIYANI Testimonials
    11. Mohammed Aneesh (Youtube M)
    i MADE IT WITH 2 KG.It tastes awesome.next is ur
    .next is ur irachi chor,which one is best irachi chor or beef biriyani.suggest me pls
     mohdaneesh thalassery biriyani Testimonialsmohd aneesh thalassery biriyani Testimonials



    Nadan Chicken Curry – Testimonials (2)

    1.Vineetha V (Malayalam Youtube) – Hello dear, I tried this recipe also. Came out so good (only thing missing was coconut bits, couldn’t get it here, but instead I added a little coconut oil on top of the curry leaves)!! Everyone loved it! We had it with Ari Pathiri. Please keep posting such wonderful recipes, I can’t wait to try more 🙂 🙂 Etha photo –

    nadan chicken curry testimonials Testimonials



    2.Hisana from Ernakulam (Malayalam Youtube)

    Nadan chicken curry
    Pwolichuta kidu super%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name Testimonials%name TestimonialsThank you.


    Smoky Fish Tikkas – Testimonials

    Niloofa K (Gplus) – I was attracted to the fish kebab somuch when you posted it. The masala and marination👌👌 I loved making it. Inshaa Allah I have to make it again with big chunks of fish.😊😊




    Kerala Chicken Fry – Testimonials (2)

    1.Nazia (GPlus) – I tried the fried chicken and it was very delicious and simple also.




    2. Aneesh Ani ( M youtube)

    kerala chicken fry nannayirunnu,kashmiri chilli 3 spoon veno ennu thonni.but nalla flavour and smell. Innale beef biriyani ente managerku koduthu ayachu busil avar njetti kazhichitu.super comments kitty,photo edukkan marannu.innale 2kg undaakki.ini irachi chor undakenam next leave ulla divasam.molde cold maariyitu khulfiyum undaakkenam. ur fud taste is fantabulous



    Nadan Beef Curry – Traditional Kerala Beef Curry – Testimonials

    1. Muhammed Iqbal (Youtube Malayalam)
    Good Evening. Beef curry undakki kayichu, usharayi. Mulaku kuravayodu pepper add cheythu. sp erivu koodi:). (Good evening. Made the beef curry. Enjoyed it. Since I had less chilli powder added more pepper and it was spicy 🙂 )
    NADAN beef curry testimonials Testimonials


    Malabar Fish BiriyaniTestimonials (2)

    1.Mohammed Shaheer (Malayalam Youtube)


    മീൻ ബിരിയാണി ഉണ്ടാക്കി എല്ലാവർക്കും ഇഷ്ട്ടപെട്ടു, അടിപൊളി ടെസ്റ്റ്
    Thanks for your support. (Made Malabar Fish Biriyani. Everyone liked it. Great taste.)
    malabar fish biriyani testimonials 300x225 Testimonials

    2.Abdul Sajad

    (Malayalam Youtube)

    Hi…  innathe fish b..  powlichuto…  ‘Hi todays fish biriyani rocked. ‘
    thank you very much

    fish biriyani abdul sajad 1 Testimonials


    Date and Nut Cake  – Testimonials

    1. Mekha Mohan ( Malayalam Youtube) –  
      Hi, I tried your date cake ..it was amazing… I doubled up the measurements …I made for my church members, they loved it … thank you. I love baking and cooking. I follow your recipes… they are great.  Really appreciate that you posted this recipe … I am not a big fan of dates but I loved it 🙂 So I thought I will let you know that. Add some oven baked main meal recipes too when you can.. no pressure.. .have a great day .. :)Thank you for sharing
      Mekha Mohan
       New Zealanddate and nut cake testimonial 300x225 Testimonials




    Mushroom Melts Sandwich – Testimonials

    1. Arpita D G (Youtube) –  
      Tried this. Absolutely divine! Great recipe. Picture From my kitchen 🙂 with one little change: Baby spinach for the greens.
      mushroom melts arpita dg 300x247 Testimonials



    Kabsa – Arabian Fragrant Rice– Testimonials (2)

    1. Louka Outrebon (Youtube) –  
      This was exactly the taste of the ones I ate when I was a kid. Thank for sharing and taking time ti make the video. This was without any loomi but now I found some 😀 .
      Keep up the good work with your recipes.

    kabsatestimonial1 Testimonials2.Zainab (Comments) –  

    I made the Kabsa and I roasted the Chicken with Baharat Spices . Let me know what you think.
    Please keep uploading more Arabic and Moroccan Recipes.
    Kabsa Guest 2 300x225 Testimonials
    Kabsa Guest 300x225 Testimonials


    Kerala Tomato Curry – Testimonials

    Jibin Sebastian  (Youtube Malayalam)
    Dear Frnd
    Thank you.  :)Please find the attached images:)
    Best Regards Jibin
    cleardot Testimonials

    TOMATO CURRY TESTIMONIALS copy 300x225 Testimonials



    Thalassery (MALABAR) Beef Biriyani – Testimonials (4)

    1.Farzeen Latheef (Youtube Malayalam)

    Aah undaaki njan Super Aarnu! 🙂 Thank you. (Made it. It was super! Thank you.)thalassery beef biriyani testimonials 225x300 Testimonials

    2.Dilna JP (Youtube Malayalam)

    Am Dilna from thrissur. very recently I found ur blog. I tried ur beef biryani and it came out really %name Testimonials..Thanks!


    DILNA 1 copy 225x300 Testimonials DILNA2 1 copy 225x300 Testimonials

    3.Sameera Shihab (Youtube Malayalam)

    Hi nhanum undaki thalaseri beef biriyani.  nannayi vannu …ellarkum ishtayi (I also made Beef Biriyani.  It turned out nice everyone liked it!)

    sameera shihab beef biriyani copy 225x300 Testimonials

    4.Aneesh Ani

    Innale beef biriyani ente managerku koduthu ayachu busil avar njetti kazhichitu.super comments kitty,photo edukkan marannu.innale 2kg undaakki.ini irachi chor undakenam next leave ulla divasam.molde cold maariyitu khulfiyum undaakkenam. ur fud taste is fantabulous



    Fish Curry with Ground Coconut – Thenga Aracha Meen Curry(Kerala)- Testimonials 

    1.Shaju John (Youtube Malayalam)

    Thenga aracha meen curry sherikkum adipoly taste aanu .(Thenga Aracha Meen curry really tastes awesome) Tnx for super fish curry.
    Shaju john



    Salted Egg Chicken (Singapore) – Testimonials 

    1.Olivia Poh (Blog)

    I tried your slated egg yolk chicken and was extremely pleased. Tasted so delicious and this is indeed addictive! Thanks for your awesome videos . Big fan. Can you make a video for Nasi Lemak?
    salted egg chicken testimonials Testimonials


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