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Charmoula | Coriander Parsley Dressing / Marinade

charmoula marinade Charmoula | Coriander Parsley Dressing / Marinade


Charmoula |  Coriander Parsley Dressing/Marinade


Charmoula ( شرمولة‎‎) is a North African Herbal Marinade, an all purpose dressing used a lot in Tunisia and Morocco. It is often used for seafood but works with meats as well as vegetables.  When you are looking for a different kind of marinade, something less Masala-ish and more Herby… it is a good choice. It is also great when you have lots of herbs, wanting to be used up 🙂 . We like this marinade with baked chicken wings and  grilled shrimp a lot!

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