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Singapore Fried Carrot Cake


Singapore Fried Carrot Cake – 3 ways!

No carrot in this cake! Singapore Fried Carrot Cake or simply  “Carrot Cake” is  so named because the  Chinese name for the main ingredient (the White Radish/Daikon) Chhài-thâu” also refers to Carrot  “Ang-chhài-thâu“.

Absolutely no similarity to the western carrot cake, this Asian ‘savory cake’ can be served plain as  Rectangular Slabs that are steamed and then fried, or as a savory stir-fry dish called  ” Chye Tow Kweh  –  The White Version  and also as a sweet stir-fry dish called   Char kway”  – The Black Version . The black and white versions arestir fried on a hot sizzler pan with eggs and different sauces, resulting in hot sizzling goodness!

A tasty Hawkers Food, Singapore Fried Carrot Cake  is often fondly remembered by anyone who has lived in or visited Singapore or Malaysia. Do check out the video below to see how all three versions are made!


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