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Removing Labels from Glass Jars Effectively


Removing Labels from Glass Jars

Removing Labels from Glass Jars

How to Remove Labels from Jars

Jars are a good way to store certain foods in your kitchen pantry.

Some jars are so attractive they can be used as vases.

Some jars get collected so often you can use them as neat and tidy storage.

Its more pleasing to the eye to remove the labels though.

Sometimes you also want to collect the labels, eg. wine labels.

We have tried many methods for label removal.

Removing Labels from Glass Jars

Lighter Fluid – not everyone is comfortable soaking jars in lighter fluid to help peel them off!!!

Hair Dryer – to heat up the labels/stickers till they come off.-This can take a while for larger stickers.

Peanut Butter/Mayonnaise – Seems like a waste of food even though it works to soak the stickers overnight. Also messy and requires cleanup.

Baking soda + water  soak – works but again if you remove a lot of labels it might not be for you.

Vinegar + water soak – smelly and again wasteful.

Steaming – It works but you risk the chance of scorching yourself holding up the jar to the steam.

Seems like most of these methods are not really any ‘easy daily routine’ kinda solution.

So the winner is the easiest and most efficient, cost wise as well.


Removing Labels from Glass Jars

Removing Labels from Glass Jars 1 DSC_0802

Hot Water and Dish Washing Liquid Soak followed by some thinner or nail polish remover for stubborn gluey residue if any.


  1. Pour a small amount of dish washing liquid into a container taller than your jars label.Removing Labels from Glass Jars
  2. Place the jar inside.
  3. Pour hot water around the jar to immerse the label.
  4. Pour water inside the jar as well to keep it from floating.(If your talking huge jars, don’t waste water use a heavy chopping board or tile to weigh the jar down).
  5. Keep overnight.
  6. The label will come off neatly if you want to collect it.
  7. any left over sticker will come off with some soap and some steel scrubber action!
  8. Now for some very stubborn sticky residue.( this happens onnly with some jars)
  9. Use Thinner or Nail Polish Remover on an old rag to rub the jars clean!!!Removing Labels from Glass Jars

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