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Yummy Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich



8 sandwiches


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15 min


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Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich

Total time is not inclusive refrigeration. 30 minutes(chilling).

The Recipe Intro includes Video. Check it out.

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served with rustic fried and apple wedges


  • 300 gms ‏chicken breasts
  • ½ tsp ‏salt, plus more to season
  • ½ tsp ‏pepper, plus more to season
  • 1 medium sized  ‏capsicum (green bell pepper), de-seeded 
  • 2 ‏shallots, minced  - about ½ Tbsp
  • 6-8 Tbsp ‏mayonnaise (I like Helmans or Best Foods Mayo)
  • 2 - 3  cups ‏grated cabbage (you can combine yellow and purple cabbage together, if desired)
  • 1 medium sized ‏carrot, grated
  • 16 slices ‏of bread (we use wholemeal)
  • As required, ‏butter, for grilling the bread


  1. Cook the Chicken in water with salt and pepper till tender. (Cook through to the centre, check if done). Allow to cool and then drain.
  2. Shred the chicken using a processor, very briefly till just shredded.
  3. To this, add the minced shallot and grated capsicum. Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and mix well. Chill in refrigerator.
  4. Into another bowl, grate the cabbage to make 2 cups.
  5. Grate the carrot into this also. Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper again. Mix well.
  6. Add this to the chilled chicken mixture and incorporate well.
  7. Chill again for at least 1 hour.
  8. Heat a grill pan. Lightly butter the surface and grill each slice of bread on one side only. For nice criss cross grill marks, grill briefly then rotate the bread clockwise and continue grilling till golden marks are achieved. Grill only one side of each slice.
  9. Place a good amount of filling on the  ‘un toasted’ side.  Place another toasted bread on top. Slice and serve!
  10. You may want to have pieces of iceberg lettuce for an added crunch. I like it without.


Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich


  • The sandwiches may be made with untoasted white bread too.
  • Do not shred the vegetables too finely. A coleslaw texture is what is required.
  • Keep the filing cold. It is best served cold.
  • For a low fat version, combine equal parts mayonnaise and yoghurt. Mix well and use in place of the mayo.

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Cabbage, Carrot, Capsicum, Mayonnaise.


Let us know if you tried it – Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich.

read the recipe introduction 300x81 Yummy Coleslaw Chicken Sandwich



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