Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream

Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream



One 4 tiered, 8" Cake


45 min


35 min


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Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

Total time is not inclusive time required for chilling the sponge, whipping cream etc..

This is truly one ‘special’ cake. Light in texture and in sweetness. The perfect gift for a special occasion.

The Recipe Intro step by step pictures as well as outline VIDEO on how to make this Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream. Check it out.

read the recipe introduction 300x81 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

sponge cake with whipped cream and fruit Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream


Ingredients for the sponge cake:

  • 10 eggs ‏You will need 8 yolks + 10 whites
  • ¾ tsp ‏cream of tartar
  • 1 cup ‏of Castor Sugar (fine grain)
  • 1 cup + 2 Tbsp ‏Cake Flour
  • ½ tsp ‏salt
  • 1 ½ tsp ‏vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp   ‏store bought Orange or Pineapple Juice (no pulp please) + ¾ Tbsp Water mixed together and set aside
  • ½ cup ‏sunflower or vegetable oil

For the Whipped Cream and Filling/Deco:

  • 1 ½ Tbsp ‏unflavored gelatin
  • ½ cup ‏cool water
  • 3 ½ cups ‏heavy whipping cream (35%-40% butterfat content)
  • ¼ cup ‏sifted icing sugar (confectioners sugar) - or a bit more if desired
  • As needed: ‏Strawberries, Kiwi , Mango (Best combination) - Other berries if desired. I used 1 Kiwi fruit, around 8 strawberries and 1 sweet mango all diced up for the whipped cream layers. and more for decorating.



  1. Before you begin, place a Large steel bowl, as well as your wire whisk in the freezer for 15-20 minutes (for whipping the cream). (If you live in a very cold climate or are working in air conditioned spaces, this is not required).
  2. Keep the whipping cream chilled  (in fridge) till ready to use.
  3. Take out the eggs from the fridge. Separate the white and yolks into separate bowls while the eggs are cold. Make sure there’s no trace of yellow in the white. Cover and set aside. Allow to come down to room temperature.
  4. Put the 1 cup sugar for the cake in a food processor and process for 30 seconds 1 minute to create a fine granulated sugar : a must for our light as air cake. Don’t powder it though. Set aside.
  5. Sift the Cake flour and salt together repeatedly for 3 times.  First sift, using a wire sieve into a wide bowl. Then drop onto waxed lunch paper or parchment paper and  use this paper to easily drop the flour back into the sieve easily. Repeat this process two more times(Refer Video). Set aside.
  6. Mix the oil, juice and water solution as well as vanilla extract in a cup and set aside, allowing to bring to room temperature.

Make the whipped cream : 

  1.  In a small cup, combine gelatin and cool water. Let stand briefly until thickened.
  2. Microwave  just until the gelatin dissolves (about 30 s -1 m) OR melt on low heat in a sauce pan.
  3. Cool for 3 minutes.
  4. Then, stir in ½ cup of the chilled cream and allow to cool off COMPETELY in fridge; about 5 mintues (do not allow to set into jelly- it should thicken but remain pourable).
  5. Take out the cold mixing bowl and whisk from freezer. To this, add the remaining chilled cream + the icing sugar and Whip  until slightly thick.  (Start on slow speed to avoid sugar dust).
  6. While slowly beating, add the the Gelatin-Cream mixture (start on low speed slowly increasing to prevent kitchen splatter!)
  7. Whip at high speed until stiff.  (Once soft peaks start forming you will need to watch carefully. Do not walk away! You might even want to whisk by hand to finish off.  Stop when you achieve the correct consistency OR you will make butter not whipped cream!!!) Refrigerate till ready to use.

TO SEE HOW TO MAKE simple whipped cream that is not ‘stabilized’ with gelatin – see video. This whipped cream will not stay firm for as long as the stabilized version (in tropical climates).

whipcream 150x150 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

On to the Cake:

  1. Preheat the oven now to 350°F /180ºc
  2. Beat the egg yolks with the fine granulated sugar that we had set aside. Beat until very pale yellow in color and ribbon like streaks are created when lifted. Set aside
  3. In another large bowl,  using a hand mixer with wire whisk attachment, (make sure there is absolutely not residue from the previous cooking on the bowl or whisk. It should be sterile and dry for best results.) Beat the Egg Whites till foamy. Add the creme of tartar. Continue beating till soft peaks form.  At this point it’s better to continue beating by hand till stiff peaks occur (do not over beat).
  4. Give the oil-juice mixture that we set aside a good stir.  Add this to the Yolk Mixture.  Stir to incorporate.
  5. Now add the sifted flour mixture into this yolk-oil mixture,  a little at a time till all the flour is evenly incorporated.
  6. Lastly, add the whipped egg white and fold into the flour batter.  This should be done with a plastic spatula or whisk, folding in the egg white quite quickly without over mixing (IMPORTANT). Also make sure there is no thick yolk mixture at the bottom of the bowl.  Fold in gently but quickly till all the egg white is used.  (A little bit of white lines is okay but no thick bits of yellow!)  Divide & Pour into 2 (UNGREASED, ALUMINUM) cake pans equally (eyeball it).
  7.  Pat gently on counter top move from side to side and pat again to remove air bubbles. 
  8. Bake 30-35 minutes or till centre is set.
  9. Remove from oven and INVERT  onto elevated Wire racks.  (This will prevent the cake from sinking  and cool off from the bottom; a good way to elevate is to place the wire racks atop kitchen colanders or baskets.)
  10. While the cakes are baking you can cut up and slice the fruits for filling and toppings.
  11. Once the cakes are cooled completely, use a sharp knife to go around the edge of the pans to release the cake onto flat plates. Slice each cake into two using a broad serrated knife. (I find the plastic serrated cake knife you get along with birthday cakes works well for this purpose, if you don’t have a professional one.)
  12. Mix the  chopped fruit into some of the whipped cream (reserve the rest plain for the topping on sides and top of the cake) .
  13. Spread a thin layer of this fruit cream topping on the bottom cake slice. Repeat this with the next two layers of cake.
  14. Then place the top-most layer of cake and start to frost the top and sides with the remaining (plain) whipped cream. Use plastic smooth or ridge edged cake decorators to go around the edges,  or an offset spatula.
  15. Decorate with some piped whip cream and some sliced fruits. 
  16. Enjoy your Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream.
layers 150x150 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

Arrange the Layers

toplayer1 150x150 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

Top Layer

sponge cake with fresh fruit filling recipe 150x150 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream

as desired.


Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream


  • Make sure your bowl, whisk and whipping cream are chilled before making the whipped cream or it simply will not get peaks. If you live in a humid climate and the temperature rises drastically when you take out the utensils from the freezer its better to place the mixing bowl in a basin of ice and cold water to ensure the cream gets whipped!
  • When whisking egg whites it is absolutely essential that your bowl and wire whisk are free from any residue. I like to wash these utensils with vinegar and warm water and scrub clean with soap after every use.
  • Please use aluminum pans and not non stick. (Ungreased!).
  • Do not leave the cake in the oven to cool. When done immediately invert on wired racks to cool.
  • If you are  planning to serve your cake the next day, I would bake the cake the dy before and refridgerate ,then whip the cream and add the topping on the day of serving to prevent the cream from melting. Although my cream has lasted without issue over night! Never leave the cream to whisk in the bowl to answer the phone or anything as you will risk the chance of making butter by over-beating it;Keep close watch!
  • Its a good idea to set around 3 large bowls one of which should be very large.
  • Gather 3 medium bowls, 2 small bowls, measuring cups, spoons and all the ingredients and processor/mixer/whisks before you start anything or your kitchen can get chaotic!
  • I don’t recomend baking  the two tins on the upper and lower racks of a smaller oven. For evenly bakes cakes, either bake on the same level or wait till one is baked to put in the second tin.

Key Ingredients: Cake Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Oil, Juice, Vanilla Extract, Whipping Cream, Gelatin,Cream of tartar, Salt.

Let us know if you tried itSponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream.

read the recipe introduction 300x81 Sponge Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream



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  1. Thank you my dear Shana. You are a wonderful teacher. I made this cake and it was just perfect! People are telling me I should start a business. LOL. And i have tried so many of your recipes and they all turn out super. Are you like a trained chef?

  2. Thank you for the recipe, my cake turned out well. I only used 8 egg whites instead of 10. The trickiest thing with this recipe is getting the texture of gelatin just right before adding it to the cream. I would recommend whipping the cream and sugar first before starting the gelatin mixture because of how time sensitive it is.

  3. Avatar Angela 5 months ago

    Hi Shana, I had tried this recipe 2 times using 2×9 inch removable aluminium tins. I immediately inverted the pan to cool . Unfortunately the cake sinks in the middle 🙁
    Can you tell me what else I can do , although I followed your step by step guide .
    I am trying to bake a 9 inch fruit filled birthday cake.

    • Hi Angela,

      Sorry to hear the cake is sinking. The most likely reason for sinking of the centre of your sponge cake is your

        oven temperature

      . Your oven is probably running too hot, so I would suggest that you reduce the temp to 160 C and cook for a while longer. Watch the cake closely. the centre will be very soft to the touch but ‘set’. Cake cook first from the edges and the centre is the last place to cook through. It does take some practice to understand your oven temperature because size and power causes variations that most definitely can be adjusted to get the best results.
      Also ingredients like eggs and flour must not be reduced as this is essential to the structure of the cake. My standard measuring cup is one where 1 cup = 240 mls.

      I wish you success the next time, it really is a delicious cake 🙂

  4. Avatar Angela 5 months ago

    Hi Shana, I checked up the conversion for cup to grams which say 1 cup flour is 136 grams & 1 cup sugar is 201 grams.
    Is that correct ?
    Will appreciate if you can provide me with your ingredients measurement in grams. When I check on my Salter electronic scales 240 mls is almost 2 of my measuring cups that I use all the time.

    Thank for your reply. Just to clearify further how many grams is your 1 cup flour & 1 cup sugar?
    I am using a Smeg fan force oven should I reduce the temperature to 160 deg C

    • Hi Angela, I always measure with my cup and it has never caused any problem..
      However the weight would be
      1 cup cake flour , unsifted= 110 gms
      1 cup fine sugar = 200 gms
      I hv used both conventional oven and fan forced with the same temperature.. however since you encounter the ‘sinking problem’ – it would be best to reduce and cook longer.. but do be watchful. Don’t forget to record your temp and timings once you get it perfect in your oven.
      Send me a pic next time:)
      Best wishes!

  5. Avatar Angela 5 months ago

    Hi Shana,
    Do u normally bake your sponge cake the day before & decorate it with fruit & whipped cream the following day?
    Also does the cake becomes a bit wet & damp on the top if u store it overnight ?
    I’ll definite try your recipe until I get it right, this time using your measurement conversion from cup. Thank you

    • I have done it start to finish on days I have time to start early. I have also baked the cake and kept it in the fridge in an airtight container. I slice and separate each layer with parchment before placing in the fridge. Did not have the dampness problem. Make sure it is kept in an airtight container only after completely cooled. I love your determination. All the best my dear!

  6. Avatar Hafza 4 months ago

    I have made it! I am so proud of myself. It was delicious and got rave reviews from our guests. a HUGE Thank you to you Shana. It was a wonderful BDAY cake for my husband 🙂

    • Hi Hafza,
      I am delighted that it has turned out nicely for you! Belated Happy Birthday to your Husband! Thank you for letting me know 🙂

  7. Are u sure about the gelatin amount? Is it supposed to be tbsp and not tape? Because the gelatin package said a quarter of the amount I mentioned I mentioned mixes in with 3/4 cup water and I listened to u and the consistency is off it is super thick and dense, mind u I’m a beginner baker

    • Yes the amounts are correct as shown in the video. If you are using gelatin that comes in individual packs, you might read the blooming instructions on the pack as well … This cake is a regular at my place. Hope u will enjoy it!

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