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Masala Chicken Roast | Get Yummified

masala chicken roast recipe and video

Masala Chicken Roast

Masala Chicken Roast. Get Ready to be Yummified, once again!

It is common for chicken, seafood or lamb dishes that are stir-fried to be termed as ‘ROASTS’ in India. These roasts, consist of smaller sized pieces of protein, covered in a dry – semi dry gravy. Try this simple, lip smacking preparation of chicken in a tomato based – spice masala.

This Masala Chicken Roast, will steal the show! Great, served with rice and other sides. It is also a good side along with Roti’s or other flatbreads.

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Leek and Potato Soup | Quick Soups

Leek and Potato Soup, cooked in 10 minutes.

I am one of those people who thinks that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a  nice bowl of hot soup. Who doesn’t like soup? Is there anybody, really?  Well, this one is my go to extra quick recipe when I need something fast. I make it for breakfast, after dinner and sometimes when I am home alone and hungry. Nursing a sick child at the moment, so this was her lunch.

I use 2 large leeks and 2 potato, but by all means, use more leeks to potato ratio, if you would like a stronger flavor of leeks. I use a pressure cooker to speed things up considerably, but you can use a pot with a lid instead. Do check out the quick video below.

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Char Hor Fun | Rice Noodles in Soupy Egg Gravy

Char Hor Fun  is an absolutely delicious and comforting dish that personifies the essence of ‘Wok Lei’.

What is Wok Lei? ‘Wok Lei translated means ‘wok heat’ or ‘breath of the wok’. It is the intensely gratifying aroma as well as taste, that can only be imparted by a fiery hot wok and some good tossing skills. This is the signature essence of most of your favorite Chinese dishes, that you feel you just can’t replicate at home! While extreme heat is essential, it’s about more than heating your wok till it’s burning hot. It takes practice, but it is not impossible to achieve this irresistible smoky flavor at home.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice | Hǎinán jī fàn | 海南鸡饭

Hainanese Chicken Rice – This Traditional Chinese preparation of Chicken with Rice is  considered one of the national dishes of Singapore.

Here, the chicken and the rice share the spotlight. The chicken is prepared in accordance with traditional Hainanese methods, by poaching the entire chicken at sub-boiling temperatures. Ginger, garlic, spring onion and in some cases, pandan leaves are used to flavor the chicken and rice. The resulting rice is oily, flavorful, fragrant and sometimes known as “oily rice”.

In Singapore, Hainanese chicken rice is served everywhere from school canteens, hawker stalls to high-end restaurants. it is also one of the few local dishes served onboard Singapore Airlines.

The dish is served with a few common  accompaniments. The chilli-ginger sauce, dark soya sauce, light soy sauce with a dash of sesame oil, fresh cucumber slices, braised dark soy hard boiled egg and sautéed baby bok choy.

The choice of white (steamed) or roasted chicken is commonly available at almost all eateries. The variants are honey roasted chicken and crispy chicken with lemon sauce.

Here, we take a look at the original white poached chicken, the chicken is silky smooth and oh so tender. Quite unique. If you love Asian food, you must try this one. Scroll down for video.

hainanese chicken rice how to make

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Beef Kare Kare | Filipino Stewed Beef in Peanut Butter Sauce

Beef Kare Kare is a rather unique way to cook beef. This Filipino dish combines stewed beef and  yummy stir fried vegetables with a delicious, taste-bud friendly sauce made of peanut butter and ‘bagoong’ – a sautéed dried shrimp paste! Sounds interesting? If you are a serious foodie, this is one dish that you must try out. If you like peanut butter, you will love it.

‘ Bagoong Guisado ‘ is a sautéed shrimp paste. This condiment is really quite tasty! Unlike Thai or Malaysian shrimp paste, it is sautéed, and comes in small bottles. You can even have it as a condiment along with your rice.

My filipina friend, Lyn tells me that I must add enough peanut butter to be able to taste it. It isn’t supposed to be a hidden flavor.  Two other special ingredients are used in Kare Kare. One being the Banana Blossom. Although I love it, I didn’t want that texture of the entire blossom affecting the smoothness of the dish so I used banana blossom flower that comes dried in packets. The second special ingredient, is Atsuete/ Annatto /Achiote Seeds. These seeds were introduced to Filipino cuisine by the Spanish and are often used as a natural coloring agent. The seeds have a mild peppery aroma, when fried, similar to sichuan pepper – I felt. They are also known as ‘Poor mans Saffron ‘ and can help to give rice a yellowish color similar to the color imparted by saffron, but much cheaper! When fried in oil, as in the Kare Kare, they give a nice reddish color. The seeds however must be removed after frying as they taste bitter.

Quite a unique sounding dish. Wouldn’t you say? It is quite yummy, I tell you .

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Tandoori Fish Fry | Fish Fried with Tandoori Masala

Tandoori Fish Fry is a delicious way to use Tandoori Marinade.  Seafood lovers will love this coastal recipe. It uses the Tandoori marinade in a slightly different method adding some additional coating and instead of being grilled in a tandoor or oven, this Fish  is  pan fried on one side prior to being broiled  under a grill to cook it to flaky perfection!

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Vegetable and Chicken Manchow Soup

Vegetable and Chicken Manchow Soup

Vegetable and Chicken Manchow Soup.  A light soup with minced vegetables and cooked chicken. Beautifully flavored with garlic and topped with crisp noodle topping. This quick and simple soup, is a popular Indo-Chinese starter. Despite the name, this dish is not found in the North Eastern Countries. It is actually an adapted dish from Meghalaya, a state in North Eastern India where the cuisine has a high Chinese influence.

It has a soothing effect and is ridiculously simple to prepare. If you happen to be poaching chicken breast for another recipe, you could just remove the stock and a small portion of the cooked chicken for this recipe. I tend to do this very often and everyone is happy to have a bowl of soup before any meal!

Omit the chicken and use vegetable stock for the Vegetarian version.

vegetable and chicken manchow

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are a nice way to bring some change to the regular Chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are super yummy! The distinct and pleasing taste of oatmeal in the cookies adds nutrition and flavor as well as texture. I must thank my girls teacher Liza for giving me some tips on getting the perfect crunch!

Check out the video! So extremely simple to make.

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Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu  – Mussels Stuffed with a ground rice and coconut paste, steamed and then fried. This is one very tasty Malabar Snack.   It gives the impression that it is hard to make, when in actuality it is not so difficult at all!  In the Malabar region, these are made on special occasions or for special guests. And being such ardent lovers of hospitality, you can be sure these snacks are made quite frequently

‘Kallumakkaya’ is the native word for Mussels. They are also known as ‘Kadukka’. ‘Nirachathu’ translated, means ‘Stuffed’. The dish is also sometimes called ‘Arikadukka’ – ‘Ari’  refers to the rice used for making the stuffing. Although I love it crisp an fried all on its own, some like to use a dipping sauce of some kind. Thousand Island dressing or Tartar Sauce are good choices

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Butter Chicken Biryani | Singapore Style Easy Biryani Rice

butter chicken biryani

Butter Chicken Biryani

butter chicken biryani recipe video

Singapore, being such a cultural melting pot, has a lot to offer in the food scene! There are so many local delights as well as cuisine-fusion varieties available. The Chinese, Malay and Indian as well as the Peranakan food stalls are a plenty.  I feel lucky to call this place home. A foodie’s dream land, really.

Today I am sharing, the recipe for a trendy style Biryani Rice that is showing up in many of the Indian Stalls here. Butter Chicken Biryani..  It combines the method of cooking the ‘Nasi Minyak’, or Malaysian Ghee Rice and a diversified and simplified version of the Indian Butter Chicken. Unlike traditional Indian Biryani dishes, here the rice and chicken is cooked separately and simply served together.  The aroma itself is is quite drool worthy. You are going to love how easy and quick this is to make!!! Let me know in the comments section if you try it. ( Scroll down for the video).

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