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Masala Chicken Roast | Get Yummified


masala chicken roast recipe and video Masala Chicken Roast | Get Yummified

Masala Chicken Roast

Masala Chicken Roast. Get Ready to be Yummified, once again!

It is common for chicken, seafood or lamb dishes that are stir-fried to be termed as ‘ROASTS’ in India. These roasts, consist of smaller sized pieces of protein, covered in a dry – semi dry gravy. Try this simple, lip smacking preparation of chicken in a tomato based – spice masala.

This Masala Chicken Roast, will steal the show! Great, served with rice and other sides. It is also a good side along with Roti’s or other flatbreads.

Masala Chicken Roast
CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE Masala Chicken Roast | Get Yummified

masala chicken roast video 1000x728 Masala Chicken Roast | Get YummifiedYet another dish where I use my trusted pressure cooker to help tenderize the chicken prior to roasting. The pieces are cooked with some spices, very quickly on high heat in the pressure cooker. They are then removed from the liquids, that are released from the chicken – and fried very briefly to develop a light golden crust.  Next, an onion and tomato based gravy is  cooked down, adding the reserved liquids from cooking the chicken. The fried pieces are then tossed in this ‘Masala’ till they are coated to perfect deliciousness.

So essentially, the chicken is cooked 3 times. The method of cooking chicken at different stages is not that uncommon really. And trust me, with the short cooking times in each stage, the chicken is actually so succulent in the finished dish!

White pepper powder is a key ingredient in this dish. White Peppercorns are the fruit of the pepper plant, just like Black Peppercorns. It is the method in which, they are processed that is different. The peppercorns are picked when almost ripe and then sundried, till the outer skin turns black. That is how you get a black peppercorn. In the case of the white pepper corn, the outermost layer is removed either before or after the drying process.

I feel that the fruity aroma is stronger in the white pepper while the more complex flavor comes from black pepper corn.  White pepper corns are used in dishes where a light color is desired – for aesthetic purposes. White Pepper is very common in Asian cooking. It changes the flavor quite a bit, so do not substitute with black pepper in this recipe.

Another dish of mine, where white peppercorn has a vital role in the dish – Creamy Kadai Chicken.

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Recipe Name: Masala Chicken Roast 
Recipe Type:  Indian / Chicken
Author: Shana c/o Recipes ‘R’ Simple
Prep time: 
Cook time:
Total time: 
Yield: (4 servings)

masala chicken roast recipe Masala Chicken Roast | Get YummifiedKey Ingredients: Chicken, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato, Spices, Oil, Curry Leaves, Salt.

Let us know if you tried –  Masala Chicken Roast  .

CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE Masala Chicken Roast | Get Yummified

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  1. I can see myself reaching out to it:P
    Three time cooking – I have not tried that – but I trust the succulent results you promise.

    • Thank you Riya! Oh yes,, since the cook times are short at each stage.. the chicken remains succulent.

  2. Avatar Balvinder 8 months ago

    I love anything that says “Roast”. This one seems quite interesting with cooking the chicken three times. I’ll read the recipe later. By the way,my right click does not work on your site.

  3. Thank you Balvinder 🙂 Yes I personally think it’s the smells and sounds associated with a ‘ROAST’ that’s so appealing ! Each stage is a relatively short time for cooking the chicken, so if the recipe is followed the meat is fall off bone tender and succulent.

  4. Avatar Brinda 8 months ago

    I have tried this recipe and I was amazed how tender the chicken is! Just like you have said! I made it exactly like u said and its so yummy . My kids wiped the gravy clean!

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