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How to make Coffee Decoction


decocotion How to make Coffee Decoction

How to make Coffee Decoction

The resulting liquid from straining Boiled Coffee Grounds is called the decoction. Here we show you the steps on making coffee decocotion with a stainless steel coffee filter:
The typical coffee filter consists of two chambers – the upper chamber and the lower chamber. The upper chamber is a perforated container,  where the coffee powder added before adding water. 

How to make Coffee Decoction

coffee decoction1 How to make Coffee Decoction


  • Place the upper chamber over the lower chamber.

coffee decoction2 How to make Coffee Decoction

  • Add 2-3 Tablespoons full of good quality ground coffee powder (Filter coffee – Not Instant) in the upper chamber.


coffee decoction3 How to make Coffee Decoction

coffee decoction4 How to make Coffee Decoction

  •  Cover the Coffee up with the perforated distributor, used to control the flow of water.

coffee decoction5 How to make Coffee Decoction


  • Add Boiled water to the upper chamber almost to the brim. Cover with the lid. Allow the decoction to settle down in the lower chamber. It will take approximately 5  minutes for the entire filtrate to decoction6 How to make Coffee Decoction

coffee decoction7 How to make Coffee Decoction

Ofcourse you can have your coffee black, no sugar.

TO MAKE FILTER COFFEE with Coffee Decoction

Pour one quarter of the decoction into a cup. Add milk and sugar. For lighter coffee, take three equal portions of milk, water and coffee decoction. Use Pre-boiled Milk and water. Foam it up by ‘Pulling’- Pouring into a cup or container from a high height.




  1. Avatar payal 3 years ago

    How do I make coffee decoction without a machine

    • If you do not have a filtering pot, you can try this: Use ground coffee or grind your own coffee beans using a coffee grinder. Place filter paper (available at your supermarket near the coffee), shaped into a cone inside a COFFEE CONE OR funnel. Place the funnel over a coffee mug. add about 2 TBSP of ground coffee per mug and pour a little boiled water first. Wait till the ground coffee is completely dampened. Then pour the required amount and cover the funnel till the water drips through. I did this a long time ago when i didn’t have the perforated coffee filter.

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