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Happy Earth 🌏 Day 2017


img 4128 1 Happy Earth 🌏 Day 2017
My planet. My part.

Love the home we all share. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

It’s no wonder why she is called ‘Mother’.. Mother Earth, Mother Nature gives us all life too. We have taken her for granted far too long.

Plant whenever you can .. teach your children that food does not come from the supermarket.

Recycle. It’s very simple, yet so many neglect this earth healing act.

Conserve. Think of ways in which you can conserve energy and water. Practice it!

Enjoy the environment and do what you can to keep it clean and enjoyable for everyone.Take your family on more outdoor activities.

Animals share our home. Be thoughtful of their welfare.

Teach. Children are the future caretakers. Equip them with knowledge. Share knowledge.

Say No to products that we can easily do without, products that show no care for our home or it’s inhabitants. This can range from your everyday deodorant to weapons that cause loss of life.

Be a better child, parent, neighbor, citizen, student. Love the earth and show kindness in all elements of our lives.

These are things I practice and try to instill in my family. Everyone makes a difference.
Celebrating Earth Day with the Google Create Community. 🙂

Yesterday, I had a birthday cake order for a yummy Asian Sponge cake with fresh fruit filling and cream.. I used up all the extra fruit that was bought and whipped up some extra batter to prepare these cupcakes. My husband printed the little ‘go green’ stickers on recycled paper and my kids stuck them to the picks.. 60 cupcakes for all the students of both my girls weekend classes… The words help kids to ‘think’ about what EACH OF US can do.


#CreateABetterEarthimg 4128 Happy Earth 🌏 Day 2017



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