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How to clean White School Shoes – Bring back the White!


how to clean white school shoes

How to clean White School Shoes – Bring back the White!

Kids  and their White Shoes! They will not stay white for long. Mothers will always want to send their children off to school with clean, perfect white shoes.  A good wash every 3-4 months will keep the shoes nice and clean. Most school shoes can be washed in any washing machine. If you are apprehensive about this, you can always go about it the harder way and wash by hand, but make sure all the soap is washed out thoroughly.

Of course machine washing over a period of time can cause the adhesive that holds shoes together to weaken.Tthis however is not a problem with childrens shoes because before you’ve washed them that many times, your kids will have grown out of them already.

The key in getting the shoes back to perfect white is not only bleach. Bleach alone will not clean those shoes right. You need detergent and the key is adding a little dish washing liquid.

Liquid Laundry detergents, combined with some bleach as well as dish washing liquid will help you get prefectly white shoes

How to clean White School Shoes – Bring back the White!

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Method:  to wash around 4 pairs of children’s shoes.

dirty dirty white shoes dirt

  • Shake the shoes against the floor, to knock of any sand or loose dirt.
  • Fill a plastic bucket ¾ the way up with tap water.
  • Add ¼ cup of Liquid detergent,  ¼ cup of Dishwashing liquid and  ¼ cup of liquid bleach. ( Use the small detergent cap to measure approximately).
  • liquid detergent detergent dish washing liquid pour detergent liquid bleach pour bleach
  • Drop the shoes into the bucket.
  • dunk shoes
  • Make sure the water covers the shoes.
  • Use an old wiper or hard broom to push the shoes into the water.
  • Move up and down to create some foam and soak the shoes well.
  • use old wiper swish swosh
  • Leave in the soapy water for 1 – 2 hours. (Leave the broom/wiper in to ‘weigh’ down the shoes if needed.
  • Remove the shoes from the bucket one at a time. Add a tiny amount of liquid detergent to each shoe and scrub with a hard bristled plastic scrubber on all the soiled areas. Rub gently on any of the fabric covered part of the shoes and harder on more versatile parts of the shoes.
  • scrub scrubb scrubber
  • Add all the shoes to the washing machine and select appropriate water level.
  • Wash, spin and leave to dry in a nice  Sunny spot.
  • If washing by hand, wear rubber gloves, add the shoes to a large bucket of clean water and dip and lift the shoes in and out of the bucket many times.
  • Then refill the rinsed bucket  and repeat in  clean water. Rinse under strong  running water to clean the insides  of soap. Leave to dry upside down on a rack for 1 hour. Then leave in a sunny spot to dry.
  • The shoes should be as white as new! Make sure the insides are completely dry before using.
  • dirty




How to clean White School Shoes – Bring back the White!

Try it and let us know – How to clean White School Shoes – Bring back the White!

 It’s best to do this over a long weekend to ensure the shoes are totally dried before worn.
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