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Kothu Parotta | ‘Torn Paratha’ Stir-Fry

Kothu Parotta is a popular Street snack, in parts of South India and Srilanka. ‘Kothu’ means minced or chopped. This is a stir-fry, made with savory scrambled egg and chopped up / torn pieces of parotta (paratha) which is the popular layered and fried flatbread

You can hear the signature clacking noise in the evenings near the Kothu parotta stalls as the vendors chop up the ingredients together on a hot cast iron griddle, using a flat metal spatula.

People as they cue up eagerly to buy the hot and savory snack, love to see the process, which varies from vendor to vendor. Some add cooked chicken to the mix, but I much prefer the one with egg.

These days, it is easy to buy parotta almost anywhere. Next time, reserve a few to make this quick and yummy snack in no time at all.  It may be served with any simple dal or chicken curry or ‘ quick dalcha’.

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Dahi Vada / Thayir Vada | Lentil Fritters in Yoghurt


Dahi Vada / Thayir Vada is a very popular cold snack in India. It can be served as a side with the main meal or it can be served as a ‘chaat’ item. It may differ slightly from region to region, and again from home to home. Dahi Vada is also known as: 

  • Dahi Bhalla in Punjabi and Urdu 
  • Thayir Vadai in Tamil , Thayir Vada in Malayalam
  • Mosaru Vade in Kannada 
  • Dahi Bara in Oriya 
  • Doi Bora in Bengali 
  • Perugu vada in telugu

Skinned Black Gram Dal is soaked to make the fritters. These can be shaped like donughts or just plain balls.  The fried fritters are indeed a snack on their own. For this chaat version, the fried fritters get soaked in water or dilute buttermilk, to soften before  pouring the seasoned, whipped yoghurt and all the toppings over it.

Especially in hot weather this cold chaat is very refreshing and satisfying. It is also a great item to include during the month of Ramadan, which is approaching soon. Check out the video below.

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Pisang Goreng | Crispy Fried Sweet Bananas

Pisang Goreng or Goreng Pisang? Well the popular snack of deep fried  banana is referred to by both of these names, but Goreng Pisang refers to the ‘action’ of cooking the banana while ‘Pisang Goreng’ actually means ‘Fried Banana’. Small sized bananas are fried whole, with a crispy coating enclosing the hot and soft banana filling. Perfect with some tea or an ‘ on the go’ snack. The most important part of Pisang Goreng, is the selection of Pisang (banana). Use firm small bananas that are not too fat.  It is  sometimes made with elongated slices of plantain as well.

This is one of Indonesia’s favorite snacks, but is very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei and the Philippines.

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Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels Kallumakkaya Nirachathu Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

Stuffed Mussels | Kallumakkaya Nirachathu  – Mussels Stuffed with a ground rice and coconut paste, steamed and then fried. This is one very tasty Malabar Snack.   It gives the impression that it is hard to make, when in actuality it is not so difficult at all!  In the Malabar region, these are made on special occasions or for special guests. And being such ardent lovers of hospitality, you can be sure these snacks are made quite frequently

‘Kallumakkaya’ is the native word for Mussels. They are also known as ‘Kadukka’. ‘Nirachathu’ translated, means ‘Stuffed’. The dish is also sometimes called ‘Arikadukka’ – ‘Ari’  refers to the rice used for making the stuffing. Although I love it crisp an fried all on its own, some like to use a dipping sauce of some kind. Thousand Island dressing or Tartar Sauce are good choices

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Kozhi Ada | Mini Fried Chicken Dumplings

kozhi ada Kozhi Ada | Mini Fried Chicken Dumplings

Kozhi Ada – Mini Fried Chicken Dumplings

Kozhi Ada | Mini Fried Chicken Dumplings


Hi everyone! Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thank you to all my blog readers who sent in comments and wishes.. I have been away for over a month and sadly had no access  ( or time) to post regularly.

I am now back and life has returned to it’s daily routines, but I might be a little slow to pick up on the recipes and videos.. you know one gets lazy after a long vacation. Today, I dusted off my laptop and decided to do a quick post just in case you are wondering where I have gone!

I will try to reply to all the comments asap on here and on my youtube channel asap!

So I was back in India for a very long vacation. We had a road trip through Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty, after which we had a bunch of weddings and lots of ‘busy’ happenings in Kerala. My whole family was there after a very long time. It was great, but now it seems like a dream.

Todays recipe, is a very popular Malabar Snack – KOZHI ADA and it goes great with your afternoon tea! These little bite sized fried dumplings are made with a spiced chicken filling. Quite easy to make, if you fancy something different today 🙂

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Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik Delicious Tunisian Pastry Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik (Breek)

Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

No No, we are not into eating brick!  Brik (بريك) is a famous Tunisian  deep fried pastry. This is absolutely scrumptious, if you’ve never tried it before. This version (one of the more popular ones), has a filling of whole egg , seasoned tuna, onion, parsley and capers. Some versions add Harissa to spice things up, but here I  use the Tunisian spice mix ‘Tabil’.  You might compare it with a samosa, but the filling is entirely different … imagine cutting into the pastry and getting delicious oozilicious egg!! My kids are bonkers for oozy egg yolk, so they adore Brik!

brik recipe tunisia Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik pastry is known as Malsouka ملسوقة  or Warka.Brik pastry is a very thin pastry that comes wrapped in cellophane. The thin, round sheets are made by slapping a sticky dough onto a hot non-stick surface in overlapping circles  and cooked for a short amount of time.

The tuna filling may be substituted with chicken, or minced meat. I will also be adding the recipe for ‘Swebaa Brik’ – Brik Fingers, soon which is finger sized spring roll shaped pastry with minced meat, egg and cheese filling. Thanks again to my friend Nadege for helping me with My Tunisian recipes.
Enjoy the Video.

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Keema Samosa | Mince Meat Sambousek

This a my absolute favorite Keema Samosa | Mince Meat Sambousek Recipe! Quite easy to make, just takes some time, peeling the samosa pastry and filling them. I like to toss the wok and get some ‘flaming’ action in there to get a deliciously smoky flavor! Trust me you will love these. I will post my home made samosa wrapper recipe soon, but samosa pastry is available in most good supermarkets. I make these regularly during Ramadan. They can be frozen to make as needed. Check out the video below.

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Idli Manchurian |South Indian Chinese Makeover Recipe

idli manchurian Idli Manchurian |South Indian Chinese Makeover Recipe

Idli Manchurian

Idli Manchurian

Idli Manchurian is  a great way to give the previous days Idli’s a yummy makeover. The staple South Indian Breakfast gets fancy. I love Idli occasionally for breakfast. However no one seems to be interested in having it two days in a row and I always seem to have 8-10 idllis leftover. Hurray.. transform the cold idli’s from the fridge into a savory snack or breakfast, the next day. If you are looking for a great spongy, soft , white Idli recipe, here is my favorite Idli Recipe.

idli manchurian recipe Idli Manchurian |South Indian Chinese Makeover Recipe

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Bombay Ragda Pattice | Potato Patties with Peas Chaat Recipe

bombay ragda pattice Bombay Ragda Pattice | Potato Patties with Peas Chaat Recipe

Bombay Ragda Pattice – Served with green Chutney and Garnish

ragda pattice aloo tikki chaat Bombay Ragda Pattice | Potato Patties with Peas Chaat Recipe

Bombay Ragda Pattice  – Indian Chaat Recipe


Bombay Ragda Pattice is a delicious ‘Chaat’ dish that is a meal in itself. The ‘Ragda’ is a peas based gravy that is poured over potato tikkis and garnished with Chutneys, Onion and Coriander Leaves. Usually, white peas (Vatana) is used, but they can be made with the dried green peas too. ‘Pattice’ is the strangely accepted Anglo Indian Spelling of ‘Patties’. You will find all the Chat Stalls using this spelling for some reason. I feel this is one of those Chaat recipes that you can even make as weekend brunch. “Move over Hashbrowns and Eggs – It’s time to chat over some Chaat!” For an evening snack, you can add ‘Boondi’ or ‘Sev’ ( which are chick pea flour based fried toppings), although I don’t use them in the Ragda Pattice. Here is how I make this dish… with a little planning ahead and overnight soaking of the peas, it can be prepared very easily and quickly.

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Khandvi | Gujrati Besan Roll Snack Recipe

khandvi Khandvi | Gujrati Besan Roll Snack Recipe

Khandvi Recipe

KHANDVI RECIPE STEP BY STEP Khandvi | Gujrati Besan Roll Snack Recipe

Khandvi | Gujrati Besan Roll Snack


Khandvi is a a Gujarati Snack Roll made of Chickpea Flour (Besan) and Buttermilk. It is really easy to make,  The super smooth rolls are filled with savory or sweet coconut filling and seasoned lightly. I love how smooth and soft the rolls are. They just ‘dissolve’ in your mouth! And the best thing is this recipe requires very little oil.. so you can add it to your list  of Healthy Snacks!

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