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Spanish Orange Cake | Gluten free and Fat free

spanish orange cake Spanish Orange Cake | Gluten free and Fat free

Spanish Orange Cake | Gluten free and Fat free

This ‘ Spanish Orange Cake ‘ is one of my favorite Gluten free recipes! The cake is so moist and light at the same time. It’s perfect at tea time or with a cup of coffee. Invite the girls over for this one! Very easy to make. This cake uses unpeeled oranges that have been boiled till very soft, the day before. The cold oranges are then crushed after removing any pith (white fibrous part) ¬†or pits (seeds) to prevent the cake from tasting bitter. Boiling the orange actually boosts the orange flavor which sort of dissipates while bakingif you use freshly crushed orange (I tried). If you love Orange desserts , you will love this cake!

spanish orange cake recipe Spanish Orange Cake | Gluten free and Fat free

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Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé

le soufflé nattend pas on attend le soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

The Soufflé waits for No one!

Orange Soufflé (Egg Whites Only Recipe) РWith Video


This Orange Souffl√© ¬†is the perfect dessert for special entertainment. It rises and puffs up into absolute gorgeousness in the oven. Just as it rises, it also starts to fall as soon as it comes out of the oven, so it must be served quickly. A thin layer on the top is crunchy and caramelized and the inside is light, hot and oh so fluffy! It was hard to get a good photograph while they were still risen though.. By the time I found my cameras memory card the ¬†delectable dessert was beginning to sink.. I took a only few clicks, because we were all in a rush to have them while they’re hot! There is¬†a¬†saying in french, ¬†”¬†Le souffl√© n’attend pas, on attend le souffl√© “. It means, the souffl√© doesn’t wait for us, It is WE who wait for the souffl√©!. Which is absolutely on the mark, because we wait patiently outside that oven door, till it’s just right to take it out… and then the souffl√©, paying no heed to all our anxious waiting,¬†starts to go down just as quickly as ¬†you can say “I¬†love ¬†Souffl√©” . Hmph:) ! Oh well, I tell you it’s still worth it!

Steps to¬†making a good¬†Souffl√©. ¬†Warm up the milk. Prepare the flavoring agent, juice, melted chocolate etc.. Whisk egg whites. They should be shiny and firm but never over whisked…

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Chicken Tikka Masala – Simple and Delicious Recipe

chicken tikka masala Chicken Tikka Masala Simple and Delicious Recipe chicken tikka masala recipe Chicken Tikka Masala Simple and Delicious Recipe

Chicken Tikka Masala – Simple and Delicious

One of Britains favorite foods, it’s true that Chicken Tikka Masala a concocted Indian Fusion Recipe. Most International Indian restaurants feature this popular recipe. Similar to Indian Butter Chicken. More often than not, however Restaurant versions include red food coloring and sometimes even flavor enhancers.

Follow this recipe to make Delicious, MOUTH Watering, Chicken Tikka Masala in the comfort of your home. The garam masala is made from scratch too. You will be so astonished at how simple it can be!

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Patatas Alioli – Spanish Tapas

patatas alioli Patatas Alioli Spanish Tapas

Patatas Alioli – Spanish Tapas

Over the last decade or two, Tapas have gained world wide popularity. These ‘small bites’ of Spanish origin showcase racy and contrasting flavors, a good dose of extra virgin and pure olive oil, obsessive use of salt cod, cured meats and the¬†freshest ingredients.

Being able to try an array of these individual small sized Tapas (Singular РTapa) is a common mans luxury, inextricably linked to the Spanish way of life.

¬†Patatas Alioli or ‘Aioli’ is great for garlic lovers. The creamy garlic aioli is a mayonnaise like sauce that is great for many seafood and other dishes. The potatoes may be fried, but here I have baked them in the oven till perfectly tender with a crisp bite.

Enjoy the Saucy Potato Bites! ¬†Patatas Bravas is another Tapa, which I love – here’s my version.

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Hungarian Chicken Paprikash – Csirkepaprikas (with dumplings)

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Csirkepaprikas Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Csirkepaprikas (with dumplings)

hungarian chicken paprika Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Csirkepaprikas (with dumplings)

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash РCsirkepaprikas 

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash (Paprik√°s Csirke) is one of the most popular dishes in Hungary. ¬†This¬†Magyar Dish, consists of slowly cooked – ‘bone-in’ chicken. The chicken is cooked in a¬†Hungarian Sweet Paprika and Sourcream (¬†Tejf√∂l¬†/¬†Smetana) based gravy.

If you can not find Hungarian Paprika, use any other good Sweet Paprika combined with some Cayenne if desired.

This dish is very simple in flavors. There is not a lot of spice. Make sure to add appropriate amount of salt. This is essential for dishes that have very few distinguishing ingredients.

I think Chicken Paprikas gets a lot of criticism from those not familiar to Hungarian Cuisine.   If you are one who like a whole lot of bold flavors, this may not be your cup of tea.

I do however, appreciate the simplicity of this¬†dish and all that¬†¬†all it stands for. It’s wonderful to learn how foods came to be in different regions.

In the 16th century when explorers began bringing back new foods from the Americas, food culture was changed immensely all over Europe. Italy and Spain incorporated tomatoes  into their cuisine as a staple forever. Potatoes were embedded into Northern European Cuisine. Turkey began growing and exporting red peppers, which Hungarians found to be perfect for their soil as well. Eventually, it became a major part of their cuisine.

Hungarian dishes traditionally did not make much use of tomatoes, which some people like to incorporate these days into their Paprikash. You can use tomato paste or puree as well.

I am sharing the family recipe of my friend Sandra – for Chicken Paprikas with Dumplings. I am also adding a simple way to spice and flavor it up a notch.

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Csirkepaprikas (with dumplings)

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