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Kothu Parotta | ‘Torn Paratha’ Stir-Fry

Kothu Parotta is a popular Street snack, in parts of South India and Srilanka. ‘Kothu’ means minced or chopped. This is a stir-fry, made with savory scrambled egg and chopped up / torn pieces of parotta (paratha) which is the popular layered and fried flatbread

You can hear the signature clacking noise in the evenings near the Kothu parotta stalls as the vendors chop up the ingredients together on a hot cast iron griddle, using a flat metal spatula.

People as they cue up eagerly to buy the hot and savory snack, love to see the process, which varies from vendor to vendor. Some add cooked chicken to the mix, but I much prefer the one with egg.

These days, it is easy to buy parotta almost anywhere. Next time, reserve a few to make this quick and yummy snack in no time at all.  It may be served with any simple dal or chicken curry or ‘ quick dalcha’.

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Chinese Style Steamed Egg | Steamed Water Egg

Chinese Style Steamed Egg | Steamed Water Egg  is the perfect  dish if you need to make something extra along with your rice and side dishes as a part of a yummy Asian meal. Silky smooth in texture, this savory set egg custard is absolute comfort! The texture is sometimes difficult to achieve, but after making this so very often for my kids after school meal, I have  learned some do’s and dont’s. Today I am sharing them with you.

Later, I will post my recipe for  Chawanmushi, which is the Japanese version of steamed egg. The Japanese version incorporates various fillings including, chicken and prawn. It can be had as an appetizer or a small meal by itself!

Back to the Chinese version though… sometimes simple is best. I mean it accompanies rice so well, and you dont need any extra sauces or gravy to moisten your rice so splendidly! The recipe also stretches the use of three eggs, to serve a family of four. Watch my video to make the perfect Chinese steamed egg.


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Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik Delicious Tunisian Pastry Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik (Breek)

Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

No No, we are not into eating brick!  Brik (بريك) is a famous Tunisian  deep fried pastry. This is absolutely scrumptious, if you’ve never tried it before. This version (one of the more popular ones), has a filling of whole egg , seasoned tuna, onion, parsley and capers. Some versions add Harissa to spice things up, but here I  use the Tunisian spice mix ‘Tabil’.  You might compare it with a samosa, but the filling is entirely different … imagine cutting into the pastry and getting delicious oozilicious egg!! My kids are bonkers for oozy egg yolk, so they adore Brik!

brik recipe tunisia Brik | Delicious Tunisian Pastry

Brik pastry is known as Malsouka ملسوقة  or Warka.Brik pastry is a very thin pastry that comes wrapped in cellophane. The thin, round sheets are made by slapping a sticky dough onto a hot non-stick surface in overlapping circles  and cooked for a short amount of time.

The tuna filling may be substituted with chicken, or minced meat. I will also be adding the recipe for ‘Swebaa Brik’ – Brik Fingers, soon which is finger sized spring roll shaped pastry with minced meat, egg and cheese filling. Thanks again to my friend Nadege for helping me with My Tunisian recipes.
Enjoy the Video.

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Kek Lapis – Indonesian Layer Cake

Kek Lapis Indonesian Layer Cake Kek Lapis Indonesian Layer Cake

Kek Lapis – Indonesian Layer Cake

Kek Lapis Indonesian Layer Cake How to make Kek Lapis Indonesian Layer Cake

Kek Lapis – Indonesian Layer Cake


Kek Lapis – Indonesian Layer Cake, although not difficult to make is certainly a labour of love. Each layer of cake batter is precisely measured and  baked under the watchful eye till  light brown and then this process is repeated patiently, till all the batter is used up!

This is my 4th attempt at making this delicious ‘layered’ version of butter cake. Some versions use only egg yolk. This version however uses whites as well. Quite pleased with the results. Next time, I think I will make the video on this.  I love to see how the layers peel away from each other. Anyone will appreciate the effort, if you make this cake. And it is so yummy with some coffee or tea! This Indonesian Cake is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia too!

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Salted Egg Yolk Chicken | Batter Fried Chicken in Egg Yolk Sauce

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken is a delicious and rich tasting fried chicken in a special creamy sauce that is very popular and trendy here in Singapore. The salted egg yolk sauce is also used in many other dishes, prawns, crabs, rice etc…

Salted eggs are a preserved food product, very common in Chinese cooking. Duck Eggs or Chicken Eggs are soaked in brine or packed in salted charcoal to preserve them. The eggs are sold in the supermarket, often covered with a thick layer of salted charcoal paste. Sometimes, they are sold with the salted paste, removed and vacuum packed. I have seen salted eggs in Philippines cuisine as well, where they undergo a similar process. These are dyed pink to be be distinguished from the fresh eggs.

I was introduced to cooking with these by my friend in Singapore, Michelle. These preserved eggs have a briny aroma and the yolk is bright orange in color as well as firm textured!  The whites are quite salty and the yolk has a rich and less salty flavor. There are many dishes that use these salted eggs, and are popularly used in the Chinese Mooncakes. The salted eggs, from chicken taste somewhat different, the yolk being less rich. Do check out the step by step pics in brief or the full video below.

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American Potato Salad | Quick Salads

american potato salad 1 American Potato Salad | Quick Salads

american potato salad recipe American Potato Salad | Quick Salads

American Potato Salad | Quick Salads with Video


Growing up, I always came home to delicious food every day. My mom will always be the best cook to me.. I admit during my teenage years, I was quite fussy with food.. I had a lot of things that I didn’t appreciate as much as I do now.  She always seemed to have time to fix me something that I liked. On the occasion that she would not be home when I came home, she would leave me something in the fridge. I would cleanup and hurry to find out what was in there for me. Cold Potato Salad was one of my favorites. I could have this just on its own or with some of her yummy chicken. This salad is a great side any day! Filling you up well till your next meal.


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Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé

le soufflé nattend pas on attend le soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

The Soufflé waits for No one!

Orange Soufflé (Egg Whites Only Recipe) – With Video


This Orange Soufflé  is the perfect dessert for special entertainment. It rises and puffs up into absolute gorgeousness in the oven. Just as it rises, it also starts to fall as soon as it comes out of the oven, so it must be served quickly. A thin layer on the top is crunchy and caramelized and the inside is light, hot and oh so fluffy! It was hard to get a good photograph while they were still risen though.. By the time I found my cameras memory card the  delectable dessert was beginning to sink.. I took a only few clicks, because we were all in a rush to have them while they’re hot! There is a saying in french,  ” Le soufflé n’attend pas, on attend le soufflé “. It means, the soufflé doesn’t wait for us, It is WE who wait for the soufflé!. Which is absolutely on the mark, because we wait patiently outside that oven door, till it’s just right to take it out… and then the soufflé, paying no heed to all our anxious waiting, starts to go down just as quickly as  you can say “I love  Soufflé” . Hmph:) ! Oh well, I tell you it’s still worth it!

Steps to making a good Soufflé.  Warm up the milk. Prepare the flavoring agent, juice, melted chocolate etc.. Whisk egg whites. They should be shiny and firm but never over whisked…

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Baked Eggs and Kale with Mushrooms

breakfast baked eggs and kale Baked Eggs and Kale with Mushrooms baked eggs and kale with mushroom Baked Eggs and Kale with Mushrooms

Baked Eggs and Kale with Mushrooms

Looking for a very quick and easy dish that is healthy and tasty at the same time? This Quick Baked Eggs and Kale with Mushrooms is the perfect side dish to serve at any meal.

Serve with breakfast noodles, rice or even in wraps. We love the flavor of kale. I even got my eleven year old to eat the ‘green stuff’ because of the lovely ‘sunny side up’ eggs that lay over the nest of savory, crisped and flavorful kale.
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Egg Salad Sandwich – Easy Fixes

egg salad sandwich Egg Salad Sandwich Easy Fixes

Egg Salad Sandwich – Easy Fixes

Nothing is as easy and satisfying as a nice fresh egg sandwich!  Perfectly boiled eggs, creamy, yummy dressing and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There are lots of varitions but honestly, when it comes to a classic egg salad – keeping it simple is the key! The egg is meant to be the star of the show here.

If making for kids lunch box, you might want to use bread that isn’t toasted and add and ice pack to the lunch box to keep it fresh.

egg salad sandwich recipe Egg Salad Sandwich Easy Fixes

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