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Thalassery Beef Biriyani | Malabar Biriyani

Thalassery Beef Biriyani has been a long requested recipe here on RAS. Those of you who frequently visit for my Malabar style recipes, I hope you will enjoy my recipe for a delicious Beef Biriyani.

Thalassery is truly a place represented by its hospitable locals, who are always happy to feed a hungry soul… The varieties of delicious Arab and Mughal influenced foods, as well as the vast array of sweet and savory snacks, makes any trip to this place undeniably ‘Unforgettable’!

Although famous for its endless list of tea time snacks, the Thalassery Biriyani is, without doubt, the most famous dish from the region.

Thalassery Biriyani is a cultural embodiment and is reminiscent of foreign influences in Malabar. It is a by-product of the Mughal-Arab cultural influence in North Kerala due to the trade that lasted for centuries before the 1900s and the emigration to the Middle East of locals from the 1970s onwards.

So here is my special recipe for Thalassery Beef Biriyani. I hope you will make it and send me a pic! This post has taken forever with getting all the ingredient measures to perfection. If you follow my recipe, I guarantee you success.

Buffalo meat is often used in this recipe, and I believe it tastes so much better. In fact, many delicious curries and fries that one mistakes to be beef throughout Kerala is actually Buffalo meat.

Another key ingredient in Thalassery Biriyani is the variety of fragrant rice used. Although Basmati is famous in Biriyani, Thalassery prides itself in using the indispensable Wayanadan Kaima/ Jeerakasala rice to make this authentic Biriyani. It is a very short delicate grain with a lovely fragrance that permeates throughout the popular rice dish. Since good quality Kaima rice is not always available, you may use Basmati if you can not find it.

The cooked rice and meat is layered in a sealed pot, in the ‘Dum’ method of sealed cooking which prevents any steam from escaping and enforces the flavors to marry well with each other.  The aroma throughout the house when the Dum (pronounced ‘DHuM’) is cut open is quite captivating.

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Kunafa | Middle Eastern Cheese filled Dessert Pastry

Kunafa – How can Ramadan be complete without making this warm melty cheese filled, crunchy and unique pastry?

I loved Kunafa when I lived in the Middle East. I haven’t been able to make it the same since I came to Singapore, because I couldn’t find the Kataifi Pastry. Well, I found it a long time ago and made it a few times, but I didn’t get the desired effect, from the memory I had.  I have changed the recipe a bit from the authentic one, I add a white sauce to the filling along with Mozzarella cheese. This time, it was pretty incredible tasting. My little one couldn’t stop moaning with delight. I must warn you that it is a sinful dessert if you are on a diet! Small Tiny portions are enough!

I also must emphasize that you must not leave that Kataifi pastry in the freezer too long before making this. It looses its freshness and you won’t get the crispy delicious flavor that you are after.

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Muhallabia | Light Middle Eastern Milk Pudding | مهليبة

 Muhallabia is a Middle Eastern Milk Pudding that is extremely light and extremely simple to make. My mom  has made Muhallabia  and many variation of it for years, and we always enjoy its super light feeling. You don’t feel overwhelmed by this sweet dessert at all, and it is therefore perfect after heavy meals and very popular for the same reason, during Ramadan. I have had this post in the making for so many months. I was waiting for Ramadan 2017, to post it. Here, I  show you how to make it with just milk, cornflour, cream and sugar. I do make it sometimes by adding a little ground rice that has been soaked in water overnight overnight, when I feel like slightly more thickened pudding, but usually this ‘super light’ texture is what I opt for. There are two important flavorings to the Muhallabia as well. Rose water and Orange Blossom water are used in precise measurements for that Middle Eastern touch, quite whimsical indeed!  I have seen many spellings of the dessert Mahalabia, Mouhalabieh,M’halabe and even more. Oh well مهليبة, it is in Arabic!

Check out the video for Muhallabia below!

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Simple Chocolate Marble Cake


Happy Easter to all my readers! How about a Simple Chocolate Marble Cake ?

The technique of mixing two different types of batter, is known as marbling and has been around since the 19th century.  Presumably it originated in Germany, which is not surprising at all.  I love German recipes for cakes!

This marble cake is quite simple and makes for a good tea time cake. Add a little blue or pink food coloring to the vanilla batter to make the cake look more festive.  And for Easter, a very simple treat is to make these into cupcakes, piped with chocolate buttercream and decorated with mini fondant easter eggs. I was hoping to include the pics of those cupcakes here, but my camera memory card did a number on me and I lost some precious pics to oblivion. 🙁 A frustrating thing for a blogger.

Nevertheless, this is a very simple and yummy cake!

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Banana Pudding with Custard Powder

BANANA PUDDING WITH CUSTARD POWDER Banana Pudding with Custard Powder

Banana Pudding with Custard Powder

banana pudding recipe using custard powder Banana Pudding with Custard Powder

Banana Pudding with Custard Powder (with slideshow)


This Banana Pudding with Custard Powder is a perfect sweet dessert made by layering Vanilla wafers, Sliced banana, Whipped Custard-Cream-Cheese and topped with a little fresh whipped cream.

Banana Pudding is another one of those famous Southern American Favorites that just seems ‘timeless’. The older versions used sponge cake in place of the Vanilla Wafer Biscuits. Along with time, the famous recipe was changed a bit here and there with some variations even calling for a meringue top and thus requiring baking time. Nabisco made the use of ‘Nilla’ wafers, commonplace in the making of this Favorite dessert. Seems like everyone is looking for the easiest way to make it, some recipes call for Jello Brand Vanilla Pudding Mix and Whipped Cream from a Can! This recipe makes an easier custard using Birds Brand Custard Powder.

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Easy Strawberry Custard Trifle Recipe for Kids

easy strawberry custard trifle recipe for kids Easy Strawberry Custard Trifle Recipe for Kids

Easy Strawberry Custard Trifle

Easy Strawberry Custard Trifle Recipe for Kids


Hey kiddos! Been a while since we added any recipes on the Nunu’s Kitchen Page (Fun Recipes for Kids). This quick and sweet number was made by her cousin Lamya.. and  will entertain the entire family! Simple and Delightful! Why not make these this Fathers Day? Decorate with some chopped toasted nuts or fruit if you fancy. Thank you to my sweet niece Lamia, the first baby I ever rocked to sleep. Not a baby anymore.. God bless you always.

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Shana’s Black Forest Cake | Homemade and Delicious!

I love recipes with some added mystery and intrigue to them, don’t you? Unravelling the secrets to how world famous dishes came into existence. Imagining how the original was and how it compares to the current standards.. I find it all so exciting!

The Black Forest Cake, one of the most celebrated cakes in the world, dates back to the 16th century. Known as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte in Germany, its country of origin. Quite a tongue twister, eh? Schwarzwälder kirsch torte, translated means Black Forest Cherry Torte or Gateau in German.

The cake is presumed to be named after the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) mountain range in Southwestern Germany, perhaps because it evokes a mysterious dark fantasy, born from the ‘fairy tale’ like forest ranges. The name might also be connected to the specialty liquor known as Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser) which is indigenous to that mountainous region. Distilled from tart cherries, this unique ingredient, with its distinct ‘cherry pit’ flavor and alcoholic content gives the cake its rich flavour.

Although Kirsch is the traditional liquor used in this cake and is mandatory in Germany, in many countries like North America, India and the Middle East, it is made with rum or without alcohol. The main components are chocolate sponge cake, with layers of whipped cream and cherry ( canned, glaced, fresh OR maraschino).  The cake is also lavishly decorated with piped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings.

This is my version of the delectable Black Forest! I use a combination of vanilla and chocolate whipped cream, fresh and glaced cherries, dark chocolate shavings and the best, softest delicious chocolate sponge cake ever! It remains moist and you will not miss the missing alcohol or heavy fruity syrup. What I love about this cake, is that you don’t even have to be a pro at decorating, the cake looks beautiful nonetheless. Follow my video tutorial to make this perfect, delicious Black Forest Cake! SCROLL DOWN to watch the VIDEO.

black forest cake cherry Shanas Black Forest Cake | Homemade and Delicious!

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Karikku Pudding | Tender Coconut Pudding Recipe

Karikku Pudding Karikku Pudding | Tender Coconut Pudding Recipe

Karikku Pudding

Karikku Pudding tender coconut pudding Karikku Pudding | Tender Coconut Pudding Recipe

 Karikku Pudding | Tender Coconut Pudding Recipe

When the going gets Hot! The hot get Pudding! This ‘ Karikku Pudding ‘  or Tender Coconut Pudding is the perfect dessert for the hot weather we are experiencing in my part of the world right now! Chilled, Smooth Deliciously Coco-nutty and Creamy Pudding!

Personally, I am not too happy when the weather is extremely hot and humid. I get moody and irritable..and if it’s a day when the girls are not co-operative, I tend to go crazy and then some!

So today, I decided I would have this pudding with the girls when they came home from school. It was chilled the previous night. After lunch, we had the pudding together and the two enjoyed the smooth chilled dessert happily. Just what I needed too, to cool down!

This is my mom’s recipe, which is always a hit when she makes it. I think, I called her a dozen times with various doubts while making it. Thank you Umma!

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Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

Orange Soufflé

le soufflé nattend pas on attend le soufflé Orange Soufflé | Fluffy Hot French Dessert

The Soufflé waits for No one!

Orange Soufflé (Egg Whites Only Recipe) – With Video


This Orange Soufflé  is the perfect dessert for special entertainment. It rises and puffs up into absolute gorgeousness in the oven. Just as it rises, it also starts to fall as soon as it comes out of the oven, so it must be served quickly. A thin layer on the top is crunchy and caramelized and the inside is light, hot and oh so fluffy! It was hard to get a good photograph while they were still risen though.. By the time I found my cameras memory card the  delectable dessert was beginning to sink.. I took a only few clicks, because we were all in a rush to have them while they’re hot! There is a saying in french,  ” Le soufflé n’attend pas, on attend le soufflé “. It means, the soufflé doesn’t wait for us, It is WE who wait for the soufflé!. Which is absolutely on the mark, because we wait patiently outside that oven door, till it’s just right to take it out… and then the soufflé, paying no heed to all our anxious waiting, starts to go down just as quickly as  you can say “I love  Soufflé” . Hmph:) ! Oh well, I tell you it’s still worth it!

Steps to making a good Soufflé.  Warm up the milk. Prepare the flavoring agent, juice, melted chocolate etc.. Whisk egg whites. They should be shiny and firm but never over whisked…

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This Frosted Fudgy Brownie Recipe is something I have depended for many many occasions. I thought it’s time I shared it with you all.

Brownies are said to have come into existence at the Palmer House Hotel, Chicaco in the late 1800’s. The wife of the Owner asked the chef to create a dessert for a socialite gathering. She requested for a dessert that was similar but smaller than a slice of cake and could be packed into a lunch box. By the early 1900’s the Brownie was a recognized dessert, typically eaten by hand and accompanied by a cup of milk or coffee.

There is something about these chocolate delights with their crinkled tops, that makes you want to reach for one, without a second thought. What’s your preference: Cakey, Fudgy or Chewy? Centre or Edge? Hot or cool? This recipe makes a delicious Fudgy Brownie using Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder and Shortening. I have found that they must be made in a light colored Aluminum Baking Pan for best results.

These brownies are fudgy, moist and just bordering on the cakey side. They have a certain melting quality that I love! Hope you will too.

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