Charmoula | Coriander Parsley Dressing / Marinade

charmoula marinade

Charmoula |  Coriander Parsley Dressing/Marinade   Charmoula ( شرمولة‎‎) is a North African Herbal Marinade, an all purpose dressing used a lot in Tunisia and Morocco. It is often used for seafood but works with meats as well as vegetables.  When you Continue reading

Tabil | Aromatic Tunisian Spice Mix

Tabil spice mix

Tabil , is a Tunisian Spice Mix, that is often used in North African Cooking, in grilled meats or salads. It lends a deep and earthy flavor with some spicy kick, but it’s the undeniably enticing aroma that I just love Continue reading

Spicy Grilled Baby Corn on a Stick

spicy grilled baby corn close up

Spicy Grilled Baby Corn   My daughter often wanders into the kitchen, proclaiming she is hungry and that I must fix her something yummy to eat. Three meals a day is hard enough, it’s not possible to give the kids cooked, Continue reading

Delicious Green Chutney | Green Coriander Dressing

delicious green chutney for sandwiches

Delicious Green Chutney | Green Coriander Dressing This is my take on a Delicious Green Chutney or ‘Dahi Wala Hara Chutney’. My recipe is slightly different, but give you a perfect, creamy sauce like chutney that is perfect for all Continue reading

Iced Honey Lemon Drink – Hong Kong Style

Iced Honey Lemon Drink

Iced Honey Lemon Drink – Hong Kong Style   This Iced Honey Lemon Drink , is a popular thirst quencher in Hong Kong.  It sure helps to beat the Singapore heat too! This lemonade is sweetened using organic honey. No Continue reading

Smoky Grilled Chicken Tenders with Potato Salad |Quick Meals

smoky grilled chicken tenders with potato salad meal

This recipe for Smoky Chicken Tenders, served with Potato Salad was a spur of the moment meal idea, that turned into a quick favorite. The ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ combination of hot grilled chicken with cold delicious potato salad has won everyone over around Continue reading

American Potato Salad | Quick Salads

american potato salad

American Potato Salad | Quick Salads with Video   Growing up, I always came home to delicious food every day. My mom will always be the best cook to me.. I admit during my teenage years, I was quite fussy Continue reading

Fig Iced Tea | Healthier Sweetness

fig iced tea

Fig Iced Tea This Fig Iced Tea takes advantage of the natural sweetness of Dried Figs to reduce the refined sugar content. A refreshing twist on the regular Iced Tea. The Fig is one of the oldest fruits known to man. It Continue reading

Ginger Lemon Tea | Soothing Home Remedy

ginger lemon tea

Ginger Lemon Tea | Soothing Home Remedy Ginger Lemon Tea is not only soothing for a sore throat, but it is a wonderful Home Remedy for an Upset Stomach / Indegestion / Heartburn Symptoms. The next time you feel a cramping Continue reading

Char Kway Teow | Flat Rice Noodles with Prawns

char kway teow

Char Kway Teow | Flat Rice Noodles with Prawns Char Kway Teow is a extremely easy to make street food, that is common in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I have really liked the versions I have had in Indonesia and Continue reading