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Chicken Karahi – Dhaba Style


Chicken Karahi – Dhaba Style.  What’s not to love about Super Quick Punjabi Khaana?

A Punjabi dhaba is a roadside eatery in parts of India and Pakistan that served Punjabi food.  Usually found on highways and at truck stops on the linkways between cities, towns, and villages.

They were in fact first opened to feed the truckers on their long-distance trips. The truckers were mostly Punjabi and hence was born this form of Punjabi authentic-fast food, offering wholesome home-style meals quickly at any hour of the day.

No longer a pit stop for the truckies, Punjabi Dhabas’s are now frequented and enjoyed by one and all, making this apart of the Punjabi social as well as food culture!

This Wok-tossed chicken can be prepared super fast and comes in handy when you are pressed for time. Serve with chapatis, flatbreads… Check out the  quick video!

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Aloe Vera Salad

Fresh Aloe Vera Summer Salad

Aloe Vera Salad  – A cooling fresh salad for the hot summer days. This is my brunch after my long morning walk! This salad wakes you up, refreshes you and cools you down. It is a great picnic salad or post workout salad.

Aloe Vera facilitates digestion and helps to rid the body of toxins. It has cooling and soothing properties. It improves the functioning of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder. It is also good for the skin. Aloe is used widespread in topical treatments but is also good taken internally in juice and salads.
Important: Pregnant women and young children (below five) are advised against taking aloe internally. I am sure google has the explanations as to why.

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Orange Blossom Bellinis | Middle Eastern Cocktail

Orange Blossom Bellinis – The Exotic Mocktail.

I was introduced to this beautiful drink on my trip to Dubai. It’s been a staple at my dinner parties ever since. The perfect mocktail, if you ask me. The light scent of the Orange Blossom Water along with the addition of nibbles is  a combination of flavours to tease the senses.  No alcohol required! This recipe replaces the customary peach puree and prosecco with sparkling grape juice, cranberry and sometimes blood orange juice. Here, it is the exotic scent of Orange Blossom that makes it all the more special.

This recipe was one of my contributions to a wonderful project, a Christmas Recipe Book that I was part of along with some fabulous foodies. Foodies+ Christmas Cook Book.

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Instant Wheat Dosa | Gothambu Dosa

Instant Wheat Dosa | Gothambu Dosa  The quick breakfast remedy.

Instant wheat dosa is a life saver in my house on days when I wake up late or just am a little too sleep deprived to make a time consuming breakfast.

There are a few varieties of Wheat dosa that I have seen. Some versions are more savory, incorporating spice and other fresh ingredients. Some adding a bit of plain flour, semolina, dal or rice flour.

However, I prefer them with just wheat flour (Aata), water, ghee and salt! That’s just four ingredients! And you dont have to soak anything, grind anything or chop anything! Simply whisk everything together, heat your pan (tawa) and make just like you would make regular dosas. It goes well with any curry (especially coconut milk based curries) or if you prefer sweet, simply serve with coconut milk and sugar! I personally love it with my tomato curry and some simply dry black chick peas (Kala Chana/ Kadala) or Ghee Roasted Chicken.

Check out my quick video below.

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Pisang Goreng | Crispy Fried Sweet Bananas

Pisang Goreng or Goreng Pisang? Well the popular snack of deep fried  banana is referred to by both of these names, but Goreng Pisang refers to the ‘action’ of cooking the banana while ‘Pisang Goreng’ actually means ‘Fried Banana’. Small sized bananas are fried whole, with a crispy coating enclosing the hot and soft banana filling. Perfect with some tea or an ‘ on the go’ snack. The most important part of Pisang Goreng, is the selection of Pisang (banana). Use firm small bananas that are not too fat.  It is  sometimes made with elongated slices of plantain as well.

This is one of Indonesia’s favorite snacks, but is very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei and the Philippines.

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Charmoula | Coriander Parsley Dressing / Marinade

charmoula marinade Charmoula | Coriander Parsley Dressing / Marinade


Charmoula |  Coriander Parsley Dressing/Marinade


Charmoula ( شرمولة‎‎) is a North African Herbal Marinade, an all purpose dressing used a lot in Tunisia and Morocco. It is often used for seafood but works with meats as well as vegetables.  When you are looking for a different kind of marinade, something less Masala-ish and more Herby… it is a good choice. It is also great when you have lots of herbs, wanting to be used up 🙂 . We like this marinade with baked chicken wings and  grilled shrimp a lot!

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Tabil | Aromatic Tunisian Spice Mix

TABIL SPICE MIX Tabil | Aromatic Tunisian Spice Mix

Tabil – A Tunisian Pantry Staple

Tabil , is a Tunisian Spice Mix, that is often used in North African Cooking, in grilled meats or salads. It lends a deep and earthy flavor with some spicy kick, but it’s the undeniably enticing aroma that I just love so much! A tsp of Tabil mixed with some hung yoghurt and salt makes a great  side with grilled meats. You can use it in the Tunisian Grilled Pepper Salad or in the Brik Pastry.. I will be adding more Tunisian recipes here. I sprinkle it towards the end of cooking several grilled dishes and it really wakes things up. If you love to change things up in the flavor department and always  have an element of surprise in home cooked food, exotic spice blends come in real handy! Off the shelf, they can be quite expensive but made at home, you can decide how much to stock up on.

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Spicy Grilled Baby Corn on a Stick

spicy grilled baby corn recipe Spicy Grilled Baby Corn on a Stick

Spicy Grilled Baby Corn – QUICK SNACK!

Spicy Grilled Baby Corn


My daughter often wanders into the kitchen, proclaiming she is hungry and that I must fix her something yummy to eat. Three meals a day is hard enough, it’s not possible to give the kids cooked, tasty snacks everyday.. usually our tea time, is biscuits and Milo for the kids.  Naureen helped herself to the baby corn I was using for a salad. “Hmm, this is nice – maybe we could make something spicy with these and some lemon!”, she giggled. She didn’t think I would let her take the ingredients, I had intended for our salad. I thought it was actually a pretty good idea , so we ended up making these Quick, Tangy, Spicy Grilled Baby Corn Skewers!

I also skipped the ‘grilling’ part and simply seasoned some of the corn… kids liked that too!

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Delicious Green Chutney | Green Coriander Dressing

delicious green chutney Delicious Green Chutney | Green Coriander Dressing

Delicious Green Chutney

Delicious Green Chutney | Green Coriander Dressing

This is my take on a Delicious Green Chutney or ‘Dahi Wala Hara Chutney’. My recipe is slightly different, but give you a perfect, creamy sauce like chutney that is perfect for all types of Tikkas and Kebabs. It is also great in sandwiched like my Chicken Tikka Baguette or a Bombay Sandwich.

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Iced Honey Lemon Drink – Hong Kong Style

iced honey lemon drink Iced Honey Lemon Drink Hong Kong Style

Iced Honey Lemon Drink – Hong Kong Style

Iced Honey Lemon Drink – Hong Kong Style


This Iced Honey Lemon Drink , is a popular thirst quencher in Hong Kong.  It sure helps to beat the Singapore heat too! This lemonade is sweetened using organic honey. No sugar or sugar syrup is used.

There is an art to the drink. Usually, when served – you have to stir from the bottom of the jug to mix the honey (which may have settled at the bottom) to get the flavor to your liking. If you poke at the lemon slice more, it releases more of the lemon flavor. I noticed that different types of honey make the lemonade look darker or lighter. I prefer light honey or clover honey, but this is a personal choice.

I am on a no sugar diet at the moment, so when I do feel the need for a sweetened drink, I  go to honey to replace sugar. Remember honey is very sweet, so you need less than you would need castor sugar.  Hot Honey Lemon is also good for a sore throat, but in this heat, I prefer the iced version.

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