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Appam Recipe | Palappam | Vellayappam – 3 methods ( with Ground Rice, with Rice Flour and without Yeast


Appam Recipe in 3 ways.

The Lacy Kerala Breakfast delicacy is perfect with many curries : Kadala (Black Chick Peas Curry), Chicken Curry or Stew, Egg Roast, Kerala style… I personally love it  with My Fathers Egg Roast 🙂 . He’s no longer here for me to ask for the recipe but  from my memories I shall replicate that recipe asap for you. (Egg Roast )

“I cherish all those memories as a child with my parents, great food always and the best support. Those years flew by —- way too fast.”

Appam is traditionally made using ground rice, but modern versions use rice flour too. I am also posting the recipe of Appam without yeast, for those who do not like the smell of fermented yeast. When ever the situation permits, I will always opt for the traditional method, which gives perfect results. The Video below shows you how to make Appam using ground rice.

Appam Recipe – 3 methods

 egg roast

Watch this detailed Video on How to Make Traditional Appam (Using Ground Rice and Yeast) .

appam recipe youtube video

Or this short Video on How to swirl the Appam in the Appachatty.

how to swirl the appam in the appachatti - youtube video

And another Video on how to make Flower shaped Appams.

appam recipe- how to make flower appam

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Recipe Name: Appam Recipe 
Recipe Type: Breakfast/ Rice/ Kerala
Author: Shana c/o Recipes ‘R’ Simple
Prep time: 35 min
Fermentation – 8 hours / Overnight
Cook time: 20 min
Total time: 55 min plus fermentation
Yield: 19 Appams


Here are three RECIPES for making Appam – Click to select:appam recipe

  1. Appam with Ground Rice (Traditional Method.





    2. Appam with Rice Flour  (Easy Method.







    3. Appam without yeast. (For those who don’t like the smell of yeast).


Key Ingredients: Rice/ Rice Flour, Coconut, Salt, Sugar, Yeast/ Coconut Water.

Let us know if you tried –  Appam Recipe | Palappam | Vellayappam – 3 methods  ( with Ground Rice, with Rice Flour and without Yeast .

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